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  1. AREM

    What is the best alarm for e-bikes that you've tested?

    First of all, I hope you're well and adjusting to this new 'normal', and let's hope to God this will never become normal. I saw your reviews on the Boomerang and then checked them out on the internet and their website. Perhaps you have better access to information about them than the rest of...
  2. AREM

    Will Boomerang V2 Cyclo Trac ever come back? It looked promising.

    Hey Court. Recently we watched some of your reviews regarding the Boomerang security device and I got really excited about it, until I visited their website and read some of the comments of investors and buyers. It seems they're really behind in production with no product announcements forthcoming.
  3. AREM

    The 'Dirty Little Secret of the E-Bike Industry'.

    First of all, I'm not writing this editorial to undermine or discredit the e-bike industry. Far from it, considering I just bought my first e-bike three weeks ago and fully intend to buy another for my fiancée once her therapy treatments are completed and just before we go on vacation. Being a...
  4. AREM

    It's my chew it!

    If you look at my avatar, that will explain the title. So hi everyone. My name is Alfy, I'm a retired long distance trucker, freelance writer and published author. I'm joining because I've just bought my first eBike at a bike show the other week and have been following EBR for a couple of...