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    Tannus lining

    I recently had my third flat on my Level in 2,000 miles. At 77, I can’t have flats; they are too much for me. My hard tail had 6,000 miles when I gave it to my daughter, and never had a flat, because the shop put on tubeless tires and added sealant every few months and I used it every day. It...
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    Dual suspension commuter bike

    I have an Aventon Level. After adding ergonomic grips and Kinetic seat suspension, this bike is almost perfect for me in terms of aesthetics, range, and comfort. But, my dream bike would be a dual suspension, dual purpose bike; commuter and mountain. Reisse-Muller makes one, but, it is ten grand...
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    Level shock absorbers

    I passed 1,400 miles on my Aventon Level. I am very pleased with this bike, but I just noticed that the shocks are very stiff. I thought that they were locked out, but they were not. I compared them to my daughter’s Specialized hard tail, and, alas,something is amiss. Is there’s way to adjust...
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    Handlebar mountings

    I now have over 1200 miles on my Level, trouble free. I added a “ Body Float” (now called ‘Kinetic’ or something like that). And, recently cork ergonomic handlebar grips. These items make the bike near perfect for me, and I recommend them. My only remaining issue is mounting my light, horn, and...
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    I have over a thousand miles on my Level. Ian very happy with this bike, from its looks to the 70 miles per charge. I do have two minor issues, but no complaints because the price seems very fair. One issue, was the grips. I changed to ergonomic grips and they are great. The second and final...
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    Two batteries

    I am planning to ride from Scottsdale to Wickenburg on my Aventon Level. One way is 70 miles, which is just past my range on a single charge. Has anyone had experience toting and extra battery?
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    My Rad City had been reading total miles ridden. Somehow it switched to trip odometer. How do I get back to total miles?
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    Distance on one charge Vado SL

    I bought a Vado 5.0 SL with a range extender. The advertised range is 120 miles. I got 69 miles before the battery ran down to one remaining bar which had begun to blink. I am checking it again to make certain, but it appears to be an egregious difference between the advertised range and the...
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    Back lighting display (TCD).

    How do I illuminate the TC display on my 2021 Vado 5.0 SL? The LBS doesn’t know and I can’t find the answer on Google.
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    Turning on backlight on Vado SL 5.0 TCD.

    I have a new Vado SL 5.0 Equip. The TCD display is not lit so I can’t see my speed and power level at night. Pressing the left button turns on the light, but only momentarily. How do I get it to stay on?
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    When will the Vado SL ship?

    I have emailed Specialized and, very unusually, got no response. I have ordered a Vado 5.0 SL EQ and I understand why my order is delayed. But, I would like some word from Specialized letting me know when I could expect it, or even that they can’t commit, but, going silent is not helpful or...
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    Specialized Vado SL 5.0 EQ

    Thanks for your excellent review of the 4.0. I know that you alluded to the 5.0 in that review, but, I would like to see you do a separate review of the Vado 5.0 EQ.
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    The Vado SL 5.0 Equipped

    I have seen your excellent review of the Vado SL 4.0. You apparently have not yet reviewed the 5.0. Do you feel that the two bikes are similar enough that a review of the 5.0 is not warranted, or you just have not yet had the opportunity to do so? I would like to see a review of the 6.0 if you...
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    Used bike lot

    I have a Turbo Vado 1.0 which I bought nine months ago and have put a on a trouble free 2,900 miles. My only complaint, is the suspension. I have a body-float on the seat, but the front suspension fork I find inadequate. So, I was thinking of going to a Levo SL. so I could not only get good...
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    One Bike

    I want to put forth the notion of "one bike": A bike for commuting, as well as mountain biking. Riese Moeller makes a commuter bike with mountain bike suspension and dual batteries. The problem is that it costs ten thousand dollars, making it cost prohibitive for many folks, including me. I...
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    Vado 1.0

    I am 75 years old and I live in the desert, and I ride up until 109 degrees. So, after viewing videos for a years, I bought a Vado 1.0. I bought the 1.0 because I had great lights and horn and rack, which the bike store transferred for me. I love the bike. By not using assist when on a mild...