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  1. rvehock

    After market battery for Magnum Cruiser?

    The funny thing is our bikes are just a rebrand of the moscow ebike brand. The battery is a rebrand of dehawk battery. You can get the real battery here much cheaper. The 18ah works great and can get you 60miles with pa, the website claims that shipping is free...
  2. rvehock

    Magnum Cruiser Drive chain

    What size chain do I need as a replacement for my Magnum Cruiser, cannot find any specific info online.
  3. rvehock

    HELP Wet eBike

    Just went on a ride on my eBike and got caught in a heavy downpour of rain and my eBike stopped working!!! The C6 readout still works but no power to the hub motor at all!!! I could use some advise on what to do next???
  4. rvehock

    Rear hub motor maintenance

    Looking to tear into my rear hub motor (350W geared) on my 2015 Leisger CD5, the gears are getting very loud and I think it may be time to crack it open and see what is going on. I have about 3500 miles of use on the bike and it performs very well except for the growling noise that is beginning...
  5. rvehock

    Greetings from Clearwater Florida

    Hi, my name is Bob and I recently found the need to begin riding an electric bike due to a few physical limitations. I was an avid bike rider and enthusiast for many years but had to hang up my pedals a few years ago due to some pretty severe injuries. I began looking into an ebike as a way to...