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    500W+ mid-drive class 3 ebike suggestions?

    Hi I’m looking for a class 3 “hybrid-like” (upright sitting position) with a mid-drive motor of at least 500W. Most of the use would be for road/city use. No mountain biking. I currently have a rear hub (350W) hybrit/city bike, I tested a mid-drive and I love the feeling. It was an expensive...
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    Teo Velo City M-500 (500W mid-drive)

    Hi Any feedback or reviews for the City M-500 ebike from Teo Velo? For the price, on paper it has great specs (500W mid-drive, Shimano Alivio, Hydraulic disc brakes, 840Wh 48V battery) I can’t find a review Thanks
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    Turbo Vado 4.0 2020 in Canada - 32 km/h speed limit

    Hi In Canada, is the Turbo Vado 4.0 limited to 32 km/h, or left to a max of 28mph (45km/h) like in the US ? If limited to 32 km/h, has anyone here succesfully changed the speed limit with the Blevo app (or any other method)? I’m not encouraging anyone to break Canadian law. I’m asking for...
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    BBS02 power and speed limit setting?

    Hi with the BBS02 controller, will I be able to set a max watt power and speed limit? For public road use I’d like to set it to 500W and 20mph/32kph to remain legal, and be able to show those settings to a police officer if I get pulled over. For offroad use I’d like to open it up and run it...
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    BBS02 conversion - Hydraulic brake lever with cutoff

    Hi I'd rather avoid the magnet sticker solution My donor bike has these brakes: Shimano MT400 Hydraulic Disc, [F] 180mm [R] 160mm With Shimano MT401 levers My cheap iGo ebike has brake levers (mechanical disc) with a cutoff sensor that connects to the controller. Much cleaner than sticking...
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    29inch tubeless road tire?

    Hi So I want to use a 29inch MTB donor bike for a BBS02 conversion. Donor bike will have 29inch tubeless-ready rims. I won't be doing any offroad cycling, just basically roads and light gravel. I'm looking for a tubeless 29 inch road tire, but I can't find any. Any suggestions? Thanks
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    Upgrading from Shimano Altus

    Hi I have an iGo Quindici E-Comodo e-bike. The crank has one speed (42T) and the rear derailleur/shifter is Shimano Altus with a Shimano ACSHG2007232 7-speed cassette. On my road bike I have Shimano 105, and on my Hybrid I have Shimano Deore. I really miss the feeling of crips precise...
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