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    Early review of 700

    Hi I wanted to share week 1/ 100 mile review of my 700 bike. Background: 1. Have previously owned a Dualtron electric scooter and liked the flexibility/ mobility it gave me to get around NYC 2. But wanted to get an electric bike as I liked the comfort of a bike (bigger tires, sitting position...
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    Juiced Crosscurrent Suspension Fork Upgrade

    Hey guys was wondering if anyone has upgraded their NCX suspension fork on juiced. If so, what fork did you select and what was your experience? option of forks in 700cc tire size doesn’t look to be very wide. BTW how much travel does stock fork have?
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    Best hub motor ebike that’s not a Stromer

    Hey guys After having driven probably 30+ electric bikes from many many manufacturers I have come to a conclusion (let’s call it personal conclusions so that I don’t stir the pot) that both hub drive and mid-drive motors have their place and each is a better fit for certain use cases. Given...
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    Rize RX 2021

    I see that Rize has a teaser on 2021 models snd will start taking pre orders on 27th. They haven’t posted detailed specs yet. Was wondering if anyone may have inside scoop on what Rize RX specs may look like.
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    Biking vacation - companies??

    All I was wondering if there are other companies like Backroads that arrange group tours using bikes. While backroads has now started offering electric bikes, I was wondering if there are other options. Eg Europe has a few companies that offer biking holidays/ tours on Riese & Muller bikes.
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    Stromer ST3 stem and handlebar modifications

    All For ST3 Stromer has two options for stems and 3 options for handlebar. By default ST3 sport comes with 5 degree stem and sweep handlebar (0 rise and 20 mm back sweep). Has anyone had an experience with replacing both the stem and the handlebar? Ideally I would like to get the 20 degree...
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    Options compared to Ride1up LMTD

    Hey guys One of the bike that appeals to me is Ride1up LmTD and wondering there is anything else out there that may use more premium parts. Main criteria is 1. < 65 lbs 2. High quality front suspension 3. Generally high quality parts 4. I am indifferent between hub and middrive and actually...
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    Stromer ST3 deal

    Hey guys if anyone here has got a great deal on Stromer ST3 with suspension, would you please mind dropping me a DM with more info? Would really really appreciate that. I am in the US (NY). thanks
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    Any option for a refined Bafang Ultra commuter?

    All Is there anything else like WW Helios? By that I mean: 1. < 60 lbs, clean looks, option for tires with width < 2.5” 2. Upright commuter / urban riding geometry 3. High quality parts (Rockshox or Aion/ Auron fork, Magura MT5e brakes etc) 4. Bafang Ultra Motor, Refined controller Frey CC...
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    Ebike chain/ cassette replacement interval

    Hey guys for those who use mid-drive bikes for commuting (and have derailleur), what’s roughly the interval at which you need to get the cassette and chain changed? A 11 speed SLX cassette, KMC 11 speed channel and labor here in NYC will cost $200. So trying to figure out the interval at which...
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    List of Class 3 Bosch Gen 4 bikes

    I recently got this from Bosch. You may find it helpful. Trek: Allant+ 7, 8 and 9 (multiple spec levels / frame types) Domane+ HP (multiple spec levels) Electra: Vale Go! 9 EQ S Niner - (1) Gen 4 Speed Gazelle - (2) Gen 4 Speed Moustache - (1) Performance Line Sport Bianchi - (2) By...
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    Bulls Sentinel 2.0

    Hey guys posting it here because Bulls forum is relatively quiet. I would love to hear any feedback on bulls Sentinel 2.0. EBR hasn’t yet reviewed this bike and feedback on this bike is generally scarce. @FezUSA is the only one I have met so far who has this bike.
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    Question on Kindernay

    I know this question His been asked a few times. But wanted to revise and see what owner experience with Kindernay has been. Watching this video it seems like the gear shifting is not very smooth when the motor is applying torque.
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    Urban Evo 10 vs Cross Lite Evo

    All looking at bikes at two end of price spectrum. Bulls bikes and a temporary bike in form of Radmission. Focusing on Bulls, have shortlisted two bikes Urban Evo 10 Pros; - Class 3 - $800 cheaper Cons - No suspension: would be nice to have one to deal with NYC potholes and generally bad bike...
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    Best Urban ebike

    All I live in NYC and here is my main criteria for eBike 1. Upright position 2. Comfortable to drive on pothole filled manhattan roads 3. Ideally range > 20 miles 4. Something not too bulky 5. Price under $4000 based on research I had done last year, I had shortlisted priority current and...
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    Giant Momentum Transcend E+ vs Priority Current

    All For a while I have been looking for a commuter bike to get around town (NYC). Something that’s low maintenance, upright position and just natural/ easy. Had my eye on priority current and was about to pull the trigger. Then test drove Momentum Transcend today and liked it. On the whole it...
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    Citi electric bike in NYC - Motor power?

    Does anyone how how powerful is the Citi electric bike motor. Have been enjoying riding around the town. Thinking of getting Ride1up Roadster v2. But don’t want it to be underwhelming in terms of motor power compared to Citi bike.
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    Help me do an objective comparison of three bikes: Aventon, Dost and Gazelle

    Hi I have looked in detail at the reviews and specifications of the following three bikes Aventon Level $1600 Dost Kope $2800 Gazelle Medeo T10+ $3500 I know they span a very different price point. I have looked at the specs in detail. Obviously the biggest difference is in electronics...
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    Looking for my Ideal city bike (NYC)

    Main criteria Primarily to move around the city (NYC) - Don’t need off-road capability or ability to do hills Torque and cadence sensor Has both throttle and pedal assist 28 mph in pedal assist mode Real world range of 30+ miles on flat NYC roads in throttle only mode for a 190 lbs rider at...
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    Best city bike - here is the wishlist

    Main criteria Primarily to move around the city (NYC) - Don’t need off-road capability or ability to do hills Torque and cadence sensor Has both throttle and pedal assist 28 mph in pedal assist mode Real world range of 30+ miles on flat NYC roads in throttle only mode for a 190 lbs rider at...