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  1. ebikecali

    Trek XM700+ (2016 vs 2017 vs 2018 vs...)

    Hi everyone, I was trying to find out the differences between the Trek XM700+ year models (2016, 2017 and 2018) but could not find enough information online so I wanted to include my findings in this thread and keep it open for future models as well. Between Trek XM700+ 2016 and 2017, the only...
  2. ebikecali

    Drop Handlebars on E-bikes

    Hi everyone, Was just wondering if anyone tried to replace the handlebars on their e-bike (pedelec/mid-drive) with a drop handlebars? If yes, could you please share with us how you did. Do you guys think it is possible and is it recommended? Thank you
  3. ebikecali

    Trek XM700+ vs Super Commuter+ 7 (2018)

    Hi everyone, I decided to buy an electric bike and did a couple of test rides and research. I live in Southern California and I am looking for a commuting bike - my commute is around 14 miles one way - and I am currently choosing between the following 2 bikes: Trek Super Commuter+7 (2018) &...