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  1. Audiotom

    Flash sale at Watt Wagons - bikes ready to go out the door - scramble for the limited parts

    I received a very perplexing email about bike availability Parts free for alll etc.. How does this line up with those who paid for a bike over a year ago and would like to be given access to pay for a further uipgrade in premium parts thank you
  2. Audiotom

    What happened to the UC Step Through?

    Haven’t check here in a while What happened to the UC Step Through design? I don’t see it on the website nor any other forum posts. I had ordered one in July thanks
  3. Audiotom

    Looking to place an order on an Ultimate Commuter Pro - brakes?

    I am looking to place an order on a step thru Ultimate Commuter Pro My biggest question is whether to get the Magura or upgrade to the Dominion brakes. I had both my knees replaced two years ago - I have strength, no pain but sometimes a little issue with balance. Any insights? What about...
  4. Audiotom

    Choosing a $3k bike and narrowing down options to suit my needs

    Hi This is my first post and I really enjoy searching your forum. I live in New Orleans so deal with hot summers (5 months) and the perfect warm fall winter spring Riding season (7 months). I am A 59 year old guy, fairly active, in good health but a little overweight at 220 lbs. I am...