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  1. Jack Tyler

    ShareRoller V3, expansively described & illustrated here...

    Thanks for continuing to keep us posted, Nirmala. Looking back over this l-o-n-g thread of projections, promises, feature creep and delivery delays, I'm hoping Jeff is preparing for a thorough, well edited video of the SR product in use. It will be needed in lieu of all these updates which...
  2. Jack Tyler

    Cross Current

    Tora, congratulations! Along with the new, higher capacity battery you've shown all of us that Juiced does what it promised. In this marketplace, that's something to be admired. Jack
  3. Jack Tyler

    ShareRoller V3, expansively described & illustrated here...

    " So that means it will be early-mid March before we'll have production units ready to ship."
  4. Jack Tyler

    Range Anxiety and a Dealer Wants Their Deposit on Trek XM 700+

    Jeff, congrats on finding 'the right ebike'! And thanks for offering a personal bike report too, which I'm sure others will benefit from. I'm envious of your range but only because 'more is better'. I'm finding my smallest-battery CrossCurrent gives me all the range I need, and it's a...
  5. Jack Tyler

    Crosscurrent Owner Reviews

    As discussed and shown elsewhere - page 12 of this thread - a simple tapped hole can solve the problem of mounting the Topeak rack. I think it's excellent kit and great value, especially given the roll-down panniers. BTW there is a ton of CrossCurrent content on the referenced thread, much of...
  6. Jack Tyler

    These brake are seriously the worst!

    To offer some balance, I chose the CC in part because the Dorado bikes were so suitable for the higher speeds of the CC ebike. And that was after test riding 12 different brands/models, all of them being far more expensive to purchase than a CC. One of the best features of the bike, insofar as...
  7. Jack Tyler

    Cross Current extended battery

    Concur with the prevailing view that you want the medium battery. Don't overlook Dunbar's and JoePah's points about battery degradation over time and the benefits of not doing a full charge. My commute is identical to yours - 10 miles each way, and with a 400' elevation gain in one direction -...
  8. Jack Tyler

    Cross Current

    @youth, my 'airport bike' - airports are large and getting around on a bike is convenient - is an old, 'venerable' folding Dahon. It can be placed in the Grumman's cargo area. But then what do my wife and pooch use? :(
  9. Jack Tyler

    Cross Current

    For those wondering about the 7.8 ah battery range and/or the performance of the CC, I thought I'd add my experiences so far to this long, informative thread. When I selected the group of (essentially road) ebikes I wanted to test ride, I used the same simple approach I've used when picking...
  10. Jack Tyler

    Cross Current

    @youth, I too chose to put a Schalbwe (Marathon Plus) on the rear wheel while keeping the Kenda on the front. I run the Schwalbe tire at 60# (Kenda at 70#). What pressure have you been using on the Schwalbe? Any particular rationale? (I chose 60# simply because it was about in the middle of...
  11. Jack Tyler

    Cross Current

    Thanks to both Rob and Geek for offering phone holder suggestions. I'm about to order one for my CC and appreciate the recs.
  12. Jack Tyler

    ktm macina lycan 27 gps+

    You're an impressive bloke, Eddie. Best wishes on the trip.
  13. Jack Tyler

    Cross Current

    @Dunbar what you see is just the stock seat post clamp without its lever. I'd hoped to find star fasteners or some other unusual type to replace the allen screw since just about everyone has a set of allen wrenches, but no luck so far in my small city. I'll probably fill the allen head in some...
  14. Jack Tyler

    Cross Current

    @youth hopefully these pics will be helpful. A view of the Topeak rack's mounting on the left side...and for @theaggravatedjew a better pic of the rack 'extenders'.
  15. Jack Tyler

    Cross Current

    @theaggravatedjew it isn't terribly apparent because the angle of photo #1 catches them edge-on, so maybe you didn't notice there are two aluminum extenders that are mounted to the seat stay? That brings the rack aft to a point where the lower supports can be attached to the dropouts. The...
  16. Jack Tyler

    Easy Motion Street: System Power Cuts Out

    I'd suggest a 'dry film' spray, @WelshBazinNZ . CRC makes one. Definitely not WD40, which is more a solvent than a lubricant and will help collect dust moreso than lubricate.
  17. Jack Tyler

    Cross Current

    @EriderM the dropout was drilled and then tapped for fasteners suitable for the rack. If you have a decent tap set, it should be a straightforward task once you bend & arrange the rack's 4 mounting points to suit. FWIW - and I'll bet you already know this - the Topeak gear seems to be first...
  18. Jack Tyler

    Cross Current

    With Rich or Robbie's help, I had a Topeak rack mounted so I could use it with their MTX Trunkbag. They tapped the rear dropout to receive the machine screw fasteners.
  19. Jack Tyler

    New to Stromer ST2

    Welcome as well, @chgofirefighter Good to have you in the group. Re: seat post suspension, it may be the single most important product choice you make after the bike itself. So my advice is to do some research and come to your own conclusion. You'll find discussions at EBR on the main...
  20. Jack Tyler

    2016 Grants Awarded for Bike Infrastructure and Programs

    Thanks for posting @J.R. And for everyone, don't forget to check out the detail that's available on your own state's events, projects, grants and more. You'll find all that info here after which just click on your state.