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  1. JRA

    CDC now says the fully vaccinated can go unmasked!

    Although I am fully vaccinated my understanding is I can still contract Covid but just to a lesser extent that won't need hospitalization and can still transmit the disease if I do contract it. CDC still recommends indoor use of masks although outdoors has always felt somewhat safe to me as long...
  2. JRA

    Cruiser bike conversion - Advice appreciated

    One piece Ashtabula crankset removal will require an adapter to fit any type of mid motor. TSDZ2 coaster brake version as mentioned is about the only solution I can see for this bike in it's stock format but it will hang down alot due to the style of down tube to bb connection. Hate to say...
  3. JRA

    Chain touching tire while in first gear

    Could be the wheel dish, in relation to the hub, is off and biased towards the drive line side. By tightening the non drive side/left spokes you could shift it to bias towards that side and miss the tire. Just remember to take even turns on the nipples. If too hard back off on the drive side...
  4. JRA

    How to build a quality eMTB using Dengfu frame and Bafang motor

    When Bosch came out in 2010 with their Gen 1, only available in the EU, motors it was obvious that they would come to the US but they chose not to until they had partnered with Magura to handle their supply and service here as well as putting on service courses to certify mechanics. This was...
  5. JRA

    Cautionary tale

    "Didn’t get out of the clip in pedals at a stop sign" Back in the early days of clipless that was known as an Arty Johnson
  6. JRA

    Review of PXCycle E-XC+28 mph urban electric mountain bike

    There is a thread on here about the ZEN bikes but I think that unfortunately due to the current situation bike companies are having getting parts that they are not on the market yet.
  7. JRA

    Onboard generator

    Consider a trailer of some sort.
  8. JRA

    Show us pictures of where you ride your ebikes!

    Sometimes you have to build the trail before you ride it....
  9. JRA

    Need hints for tire removal on tubeless-ready wheels

    "mountain bikes with larger tires have less of a problem" This isn't necessarily the case unfortunately....In order to fully understand the whole tubeless interface thing it is helpful to know of its origins and what the state of the standard today is...
  10. JRA

    weird sound

    Check your front hub bearings
  11. JRA

    Adding a motor to a road bike

    I put over 2k on a BD Motobecane with a carbon front fork and a 1000w direct drive front hub motor with no issues. You just have to set it up with a solid torque arm connection and keep an eye on the axle nut torque, mainly because I also used regen which can loosen that aspect. Bike is now...
  12. JRA

    Adding a motor to a road bike

    As a long time rider of front hub motors on road bikes I like what the video suggests. A small geared front hub weighs about the same or less than any mid drive motor of the same wattage. The 8lbs, whole system, quoted in the video is not that bad and in line with the light weight systems...
  13. JRA

    iso: Derailleur hanger for Motobecane M600

    Hanger aside how do you like the bike? I wasn't aware that BD had actually made that model yet and obviously did last year? Another MI connection is the fact that I had a frame made by a builder, Quiring, years ago that the der hanger broke on and as it was a custom job the hanger also was...
  14. JRA

    First Impressions: New 2021 Ebikes from Diamondback!

    I plucked this off of Alibaba as I was looking for M600 bikes that might be luck there. This design seems quite practical to me with the step through, rear suspension and extra sturdy carrying platform. It came from a site that obviously does some frame work for whoever owns...
  15. JRA

    Push Bike Backwards from shed, chain falls off

    That lower roller should have a disc on the outside to stop the chain from jumping off. Looks like the right size fender washer might work there. Sometimes if you have changed the shifting lever on a bike and roll it back the chain will jump around. Not sure if that is the case with a Rohloff...
  16. JRA

    "How to turn your E-bike into a hill climbing beast. Dual motor Lectric Xp. No more range anxiety."

    A couple thousand watt 20" wheeled rigid folding bike sounds like a bad idea to me. Be careful out there.
  17. JRA

    1 Million mile EV battery

    As noted shipping issues are not going to go away but the real problem is the proprietary systems that the manufacturers use that makes it almost impossible for there to be battery rental programs throughout the country. In fact it makes more sense to just rent a whole bike and chances are good...
  18. JRA

    They said it can't be done.

    I dunno because I have been using a tail/brake light turn signal that hooks to my saddle for at least 3 years now? It also is completely wireless connection for operation and has a brake light deceleromter also. It was under $50 bucks on Amazon. Oh, and it also has laser lane. My bikes are...
  19. JRA

    Hi all I have a shengmilo mx01 bike and I need rear swing arm bearing its the arm that holds the wheel on got some play in mine ca

    Remove the bearing and take it to a bearing shop. It might even have a number on it somewhere. Replace with what will be a better bearing and hopefully last longer. if it is just a bushing type then replace the bushing and prepare to do it more as they will always fail eventually.
  20. JRA

    The infamous Motobecane HAL E-MTB. I bought one…

    They haven't made any yet, it's a 2021 model, and probably none available until summer is the word I got.