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    Amego Infinite Long Term Review

    Hello fellow E-biker's. For anyone interested in the Amego Infinite, here is my review based on long-term use. I purchased my Amego Infinite Step-over 27.5" on June 2019. I've had the opportunity to put 11,300 kms on it since then. Mostly recreational and a little bit of commuting. It is my...
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    More or less gears on a Hub drive MTB

    Hey Court, Hoping you could give me your take on the benefit of more or less gears on a few hub drive MTB's you have reviewed. Is it more beneficial to have the 24 gears (3x8 ) of a NCM Moscow Plus or similar as compared to the 7 or 8 gears on a Volt Bike Outback or similar. One would think...
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    Greetings from Victoria, Canada

    Hello fellow E-Bikers! Shout out to EBR for the awesome reviews and forum. I found this to be my go-to resource in researching for my recent E-Bike purchase. I ended up purchasing an Amego Infinite in June 2019 and have enjoyed it immensely. I've put 3000 kms on it since then. I don't...