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    Opinions on rad city vs pace 500

    I don't know much about it but I find out this article. Maybe it will be helpful
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    Looking for a mid-drive commuter ebike under $2500

    I am looking for a commuter e-bike that I can use for groceries and simple cargo carrying. I need to climb hills in my area so only looking for a mid-drive electric bike. Any Advice ?
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    Anybody know about Ariel Rider X-Class ?

    I don't know much. I just signed up in case they offer a great deal .
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    Are there faster chargers out there for the Rad batteries (2019 models)

    ST Charger has 8Amp charger but don't know if Rad battery connector can handle it
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    Known Issues & Problems with Rad Power Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    It is controller setup. I think not possible to change it.
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    e-bike towbar carrier question

    Also if you will stop in different places it make sense to remove display. my old e-bikes display was stolen