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  1. rockstarinlife

    Radcity or Rook or RadMini for My Short Wife?

    I am looking to buy my wife her first eBike. I just bought my first eBike (Radrover) and love it! I rode it twice so far (Got it on Friday). Been taking it on the streets, gravel paths and even a little on a hiking trail which took a lot of peddling to get up with peddle assist 5. For my wife...
  2. rockstarinlife

    Hello from Coto De Caza Cali

    I am new to the forum and just bought my first eBike. I ended up getting Radrover and took it for its first ride today. I ended up going close to 6 miles while my wife followed me on her Liv triathlon bike. Loving my Rad so far and plan on riding it daily here in Coto De Caza Southern Cali.