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  1. LI-ghtcycle

    Look of horror when I mention getting an eBike

    People either get it, or they don't. Most people just have to ride an E-Bike and they get it! : ) The other day I was riding up a long hill on a new bike path in Milwaukie, and passed a commuter. I gave him a "on your left" to let him know I was passing, and at the top a group of younger...
  2. LI-ghtcycle

    Hello from Everywhere! Friends and Visits?

    We are located in Oregon City, Oregon. Historically, the end of the Oregon Trail, and one of the first places to transmit A/C Power from the Willamatte Falls Electric Company in 1890! We also have some of the best bicycle trails you will find anywhere. :) I am currently working to build my...
  3. LI-ghtcycle

    Hello from Everywhere! Friends and Visits?

    Wow, what an amazing job! Hopefully some day I might be able to host a visit at our shop. :)
  4. LI-ghtcycle

    Hello from Everywhere! Friends and Visits?

    Court, Great site! I love your thorough reviews and look forward to new ones. You seem very fair and willing to share pros & cons of the various bikes you review. Do you still review just in your spare time? Seems like it should be full time with as many reviews you have these days! Keep...
  5. LI-ghtcycle

    PRESENTATION, Need assistance

    Check out this company: Really hard to beat for the ultimate in a utility trike with E-Assist. For the every-day E-Bike, also check out a vendor selling the Bafang BBS02 or BBSHD as they will convert 99% of bicycles out there to a very versatile E-bike. I really...
  6. LI-ghtcycle

    Hello from "Sunny" Oregon City, OR!

    Ok, so the sunshine here is as often liquid as not, :rolleyes: but we do get warmer rain in summer than winter! :p Anyway, something about myself, I have been interested in E-Bikes since around 2007, built the first for my dad around late 2008, early 2009, (Amped Bikes 36V Direct Drive Hub...