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  1. Asher

    Giant No Longer a Value Brand? A Tale of Two Similar E-bikes, Two Years & $900 apart

    This question is more in the spirit of understanding changes in e-bike retailing, especially from probably the most dominant bike maker, but... why did Giant massively hike its price for nearly the same bike, the Quick-E+ 2019 vs Fastroad E+ EX Pro 2021. You might say that the 2021 has the...
  2. Asher

    Short E-Bike Warranties: Are They A Problem?

    On e-bikes, there's obviously more that can go wrong, and at great cost. Catastrophic crashes from part failures are rare, but the financial impact of motors or batteries failing prematurely due to manufacturer defect can easily be $500+ if not under warranty. And yet on many of the popular...
  3. Asher

    Rad Power just got $150m from investors. What will they do with it?

    Aside from spending it on marketing and uh a new wheel standard lol. Rad is just bizarre for how much sales volume and money it has yet with bikes lacking higher speed, size variation, and finesse (even the controllers aren't integrated into the frame!). You'd think a company this size would...
  4. Asher

    Why do the big bike brands (almost) never use hub motors?

    Given that hub drives have some benefits over mid drives, you'd expect them to be fairly common among big bike brands offerings (Cannondale, Canyon, Trek, Specialized, Giant, etc). Not as a complete substitute, but as a common alternative to mid-drive motors. But it seems like there are almost...
  5. Asher

    Frame Warranty Now *1 Year* - Formerly Lifetime

    The Way back machine says this change was in place on April 27, 2020, and there's no earlier records, so I can't tell when it was implemented. Probably late 2019 or winter 2020. I thought this was uniquely awful but apparently Ride1Up, Rad, Super 73 also have 1 year warranties. Aventon...
  6. Asher

    How do you replace Powertube packs with body panels attached?

    Some bikes come with the Powertube covered by a model specific panel painted to match the rest of the bike. I searched around a bit but didn't see how this works. Does the body panel detach from the battery? If not, are you at the mercy of the OEM when you replace a battery?
  7. Asher

    Priority Current: Class 3 Urban Mid-Drive Belt E-Bike, 500W, Integrated Removable 500WH Battery, 140 NM, $3300 S/M/L

    Recently announced, seems like a pretty nice kit at a good price, from a company with a great reputation for customer service and durability, unlike all the relevant competition at this price or below. Not a big fan of the mid step frame but at least they have multiple sizes. The stem is ugly...
  8. Asher

    Cannondale Canvas: Thoughts?

    I follow ebikes pretty closely but somehow never heard of this bike. I did some googling and there aren't even any reviews from the usual reputable outlets. As for the bike itself, it looks very close to my ideal. Great fit and finish, superfast wide tires, rigid fork. Only things I don't like...
  9. Asher

    Swiss Class 3 E-Bikeshare Begins Sales of Its New Bike to the Public, Germany & Switzerland Only

    They formerly used Stromers, but they have since switched to their own bike. $3,900. Curious as to how this compares with Stromers and commuter ebike value brands like Ride1Up and Juiced. Cc @Ravi Kempaiah
  10. Asher

    How does Ride1Up Produce Better Ebikes with less cost and effort than established rivals (eg Juiced)?

    I've been following ebikes for a couple years now and I still have a very limited understanding of the manufacturing and logistics side of things, which doesn't get discussed nearly as much as the bikes themselves. Consider Juiced. It has its own factory, it's been at it for a decade or so, the...
  11. Asher

    Juiced Exclusive Bafang 1 kW motor

    Source: Will be interesting to see what Juiced does with this beyond the Scorpion, and whether Juiced brings it to other bikes, I expect so. Same for the mag spoke design. Also on other brands hopefully Why did...
  12. Asher

    Class 3 Urban eBike Owners: What is your preferred cruising speed?

    One of the misnomers about class 3 ebikes is that just because you can ride at 28 mph, everyone will always. I only rode at those speeds occasionally, and I imagine that's common. So I'm curious to know how others ride. For class 3 eBike Owners, what is your preferred day time cruising speed...
  13. Asher

    Why not use 26" wheels for Plus Tires? (Commuter E-bikes)

    I've noticed a lot of the newer commuter or urban e-bikes are using 2.2"+ tires a smart move that many riders had already done themselves. Schwalbe's Moto tires are particularly popular. Ride1Up 700 and Aventon Level are two examples. But why not use a smaller wheel, so that the overall tire +...
  14. Asher

    Are there instances of e-bike road riders getting punished for exceeding legal *power* limits of 750 W (US)

    Let's forget about ebikes going over 28 mph. Are there any recorded instances of e-bikers on roads (or off street bike paths) getting fined or otherwise penalized for either using more than 750w or simply riding an e-bike capable of more? I feel the speed limit is more or less reasonable, but...
  15. Asher

    With Scorpions Almost Ready... What Will Tora Work On Next?

    Despite what the ebike hype says, I don't think ebikes are changing that dramatically over time, and the possibilities in the short term (within 2 years) are pretty limited. So what do you think Tora will do next? I would bet on something moped-like. Tora has never done a mid-drive bike and...
  16. Asher

    Why do so few brands offer 52V (volt) batteries?

    I was looking at the list of bikes here with Bafang Ultra, and was surprised at how many were still 48V. You figure especially for a performance ebike, it would be more common. What is the...
  17. Asher

    Future Bike Model Proposal: Roadster 800

    Ride1Up caught my attention with its value and finish. Instead of having just an inferior and superior bike, 500 and 700, I'd like to see a revived, upscale roadster model, as a more lithe alternative to the 700: *Rigid fork *Wide but light tire (like Conti Speed King, ~500 g), potentially...
  18. Asher

    The Fastest Wide, Tubeless 27.5" Tire Has Been Discontinued. Alternatives?

    Schwalbe's G-One Speed in 27.5", 60 mm (11600973), that is. Does anyone have good, light alternatives? This one was ~500g, everything else Schwalbe offers is heavier and more frictive. My ideal bike would have these in 26", but Schwalbe never made that. I'm surprised Schwalbe discontinued these...
  19. Asher

    Who is Making These 'Open-Mold' Generic Non-proprietary e-bike Frames?

    I noticed the QuietKat/Jeep branded e-bike has nearly the same frame as the Ride1Up 700. Of course, the Ride1Up is front suspension only, the Jeep full suspension; the former is a hub motor and the latter a mid-drive. But otherwise they appear to be from the same maker. Who? Are these frames...
  20. Asher

    New Commuter Ebike From Ride1Up... Dethrones Juiced CCS/X for Best Value?

    EBR just reviewed the 700 Series e-bike from Ride1Up. I'd never heard of them before. In a number of ways, I feel like this is the bike the CCS should be, but Juiced stopped tweaking the CCS beyond moving to 52V. Pros/Advantages: *$1000 less than a CCX! $430 for a replacement battery vs $700...