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  1. Ciyrus 5000

    New Firmware for Turbos

    There is a new software update for the ODO.
  2. Ciyrus 5000

    My Turbo S is almost ready

    That has changed everything: The Light Supernova M99 pure By Night Ergon GS1 Handles Dächle Disc with Kool Stop Syntace NumberNine 2 Titan pedals Seatpost with Sq lap Saddle And with all components DI2 In the winter I will install brake light. Here is a video from the speed
  3. Ciyrus 5000

    No Speed limit

    Hi I have a rental Akku with 342wh and I can 55 kmh and more with these Akku drive. With my 691wh is just 45 km h. How can that be? Vg Michel
  4. Ciyrus 5000


    So I have now Di2 on by Turbo S. And the performance is very good.
  5. Ciyrus 5000

    The new turbo Vado 2017

    It's great