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  1. Jeff Backes

    Improved my mileage and whitened my teeth :)

    I bought green titanium bolts for my disc brakes. Let me tell you this is the most exciting upgrade to date. I was impressed with just how much weight they save! ;););););) jeff
  2. Jeff Backes

    Splish Splash Took a Bath :)

    Yesterday I took my Powerfly out for it's first mud bath. There has been a lot of rain here in Northern California and some of the streams that are normally very small have GROWN into rivers. Here's a picture of me fording one at high speed. Needless to says I got a little wet! Great day. jeff
  3. Jeff Backes

    Secret Shopper @ Motostrano in Redwood City

    A few days ago I stopped by the Motostrano bicycle shop in Redwood City, CA. I played the roll of an interested bicycle aware customer, here's my review. Their shop is a standalone brick building in an older part of Redwood City. There are a few on street parking spots out front and a small...
  4. Jeff Backes

    Rear light on my XM700+

    If you are interested on how to install a rear light on your trek, check out... How To jeff
  5. Jeff Backes

    Easy install of a tail light on a Trek XM700+

    If you own one of these bikes you have a front light, but no taillight. Well, that's pretty easy to fix. I purchased two parts, a "Bosch" and a rear cable kit. Parts: 1) Rear Rack 2) (Link Removed - No Longer Exists) 3) Cable Kit 4) An old credit card cut into strips I removed the left crank...
  6. Jeff Backes

    Upgrades to my XM700+

    I decided to upgrade the Deore components to XT. I think the only additional change will be to add a 40 or 42 Sprocket in the rear. Here is the list of my current upgrades. FRAME SET Front suspension Rock Shox - Paragon Gold WHEELS Skewers Delta Cycle KnoxNut Skewer Set DRIVETRAIN...
  7. Jeff Backes

    Has anyone added a front derailleur to a Bosch?

    I've seen three or four difference cog sizes for the front of the mid drive. Most bikes use a front derailleur to switch between cogs. Has anyone ever hacked a Bosch mid-drive to have multiple front cogs and a front derailleur? Just off the top of my head, there is probably not enough...
  8. Jeff Backes

    Nyon's eBike Connect Application from Bosch

    After I signed-up for the eBike connect application and rode my bike I got this cool chart! Very nice!! It helps to know that I'm doing some of the work :) jeff
  9. Jeff Backes

    Nyon Upgrade in USA worked out of the box!

    I purchased a Trek XM700+ a few weeks ago. I wanted to get the Nyon system that is available in Europe installed on my bike and was told "It won't work!" I purchased it anyway and just installed it... Works great. The only hitch is that I had to create a British iTunes account so I could...
  10. Jeff Backes

    Help upgrading to electronic shifiting.

    The arthritis in my right thumb is just too severe to allow shifting using the Shimano Deore shift lever. I have found that they make electronic shifting that should be compatible with my bike. Here are the parts I am looking into. Has anyone else done this upgrade? SC-MT800, RD-M8050...
  11. Jeff Backes

    Any idea what these parts are?

    When I opened the box that contained the charger I found these. Any idea what these are, and where they go? Thanks jeff
  12. Jeff Backes

    Anyone Else Get An Extra Decal?

    In the box with my battery and such I received a circle decal with a bite taken out. It seems to match the cover on the left side of the motor. Do any of you know why they ship this extra decal? jeff
  13. Jeff Backes

    Can I trick Bocsh's firmware?

    I was scrolling though the settings of the Bosch Intuvia yesterday... If I were to set the "wheel circumference" to a smaller value, wouldn't the actual speed be higher than the shown speed on the display? Wouldn't this allow the bike to go faster than the rated speed. I don't actually want...
  14. Jeff Backes

    Greetings from North California

    Hi, My wife and I got Trek XM700+ this weekend. Lot's of great info on this board. I hope I can add to the conversation. jeff