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  1. lilrich1959

    Due to arrive in March

    Really looking forward to getting the Foot loose into the shop. Was excited about this bike since the rep showed up one evening at closing and spent a couple of hours putting it through it's paces and looking at all the details, at least what you could see. A real departure from other...
  2. lilrich1959

    How do you represent?

    I had a day off and attended a favorite event of mine . Being both early and late in the riding season it is usually plagued with poor weather and this years fall run was no exception with sun, but temps in the forties, but I could not pass by the opportunity to...
  3. lilrich1959

    Currie rep at Crazy Lenny's Sat 9-27-14

    The sales representative for Currie Technologies will be at Crazy Lenny's E-bikes on Saturday September 27th 2014. Stop in and ask your questions, check out the bikes and find out about what is in the pipeline. Hope to see you then.