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  1. Hanz

    Bike mirror recommendation

    Just ordered. Liked the shape.
  2. Hanz

    Turbo Vado & Como Tune - A Hidden Gem for BLOKS Display Users

    I purchased the same bike last September. Love it. No issues
  3. Hanz

    Vado mount & dismount

    Unbelievable prices!
  4. Hanz

    Vado mount & dismount

    I once seen a blue tooth enable dropper post. I don’t want to have a external cable on my beautiful Vado. Anyone with experience with this type of dropper post?
  5. Hanz

    How to stop handlebars from moving when transporting bike?

    8” Velcro strap would work. Try amazon
  6. Hanz

    PLANET3 - mechanical e-bike derestriction device.

    Has anyone seen or tried this device?
  7. Hanz

    Picky Bike Advice Please

    Class 3 Bulls Estream Evo fs45 for sale. Only 200 miles on it. Perfect condition. Pittsburgh PA area. Unable to ride due to disability. Size medium frame. $3200. Paid $4500. with any questions. Attachments 9D7D9CE6-48D4-4FFE-B3B8-0E00BB14AEF2.jpeg 546.1 KBViews: 86...
  8. Hanz

    Rear ended with bike rack

    Sorry wrong post
  9. Hanz

    How to fit a rear rack on a full suspension bike?

    Check photo for the rack on my fs bike. Can’t remember the brand but can check if you want. PS- the bike is for sale
  10. Hanz

    Rear ended with bike rack

    I have a rack on my full suspension bike. If you like it and can find out what brand it is. Sorry for the poor memory
  11. Hanz

    Vado security strategies

    Got mine to fit after drilling slightly bigger holes
  12. Hanz

    Who wants a Peloton anyway ? Lol

    Can you provide a link?
  13. Hanz

    My Favorite Bike Trails in the Northeastern US

    I am very fortunate to live close to the GAP trail in PA near West Newton PA
  14. Hanz

    2019 Specialized Vado 5.0

    2019 Specialized Vado 5.0
  15. Hanz

    Suspension Seat Posts

    Just ordered the KINEKT 2.1 Aluminum XL2. Don’t know how much riding I’ll do before spring but I’ll be ready for the rare warm weather this winter.
  16. Hanz

    Specialized battery solution. Problem solved!

    The bottle cage attached to the battery case assists me in removing my battery