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  1. admccrea

    Charger/Display unit not working?

    Try cleaning the contacts on the between the display and the mount with alcohol.
  2. admccrea

    Prodeco Battery Rebuilder

    Good find. I will save this for future reference.
  3. admccrea


    Great pictures, thanks for sharing.
  4. admccrea

    Can't get up to 23mph - bummed out

    I have the same bike as well. I have reached 25-26 pedaling very hard down a hill. A far as range goes, I did a ride that was 30 mile on hilly terrain. I used the lowest level of assist and still had two bars showing on the battery.
  5. admccrea

    New idea/system for choosing an E-Bike.

    My take is buy the bike you like to ride the best, and can still afford, a year from now you will not care how much you spent. all this analyzing time could be spend riding your new bike!
  6. admccrea

    Charge battery @ >50% twice a day, or @ <5% once a day?

    Yep, twice is better. I bought a second charger for my office, so I don't have to carry it back and forth.
  7. admccrea

    Lock Options for Nitro?

    Love my eBike!
  8. admccrea

    How to adjust the suspension?

    Mine turns easily, if you have the light installed, make sure the bracket is not touching the adjustment knob.
  9. admccrea

    New Nitro Owner

    I got the handle bar at Performance Bike. If you have one near you, they could install it as well. It really took less than 1/2 hour to do if you have a set of metric Allen wrenches.
  10. admccrea

    The mysterious bolt under the seat's quick release

    The bolt is for locking the battery to the bike(with a small lock). Mine was loose when I first got the bike but it has stayed put since I tightened it up.
  11. admccrea

    Assembling my bike

    the shifters are one for up shifts and one for down shifts. I changed out my handlebars to a wider set and added ergo grips. That made a huge improvement. see this thread:
  12. admccrea

    Assembling my bike

    looks good. I use the supplied water bottle holder and it works fine.
  13. admccrea

    What spare inner tubes did you purchase?

    I just got regular 26x2 tubes from Performance Bike
  14. admccrea

    LCD question

    mine holds the time
  15. admccrea

    Must sit on the bike before you turn it on?

    It states it on page 25 of my manual: How to ride Before you turn the bike on and start riding, you should understand the way the pedal torque sensor works. Mounted in the drive-side rear dropout, the torque sensor measures the very slight deflection in the dropout plate that occurs when...
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    I hope we have figured out a cheaper alternative before they go bad!
  17. admccrea


    what kind of mileage do you get out of a full charge level 4?
  18. admccrea


    Is your battery not working up to par? how many miles? charges?
  19. admccrea


    I am interested as well, I have not found one yet. I was quoted $900 for a new one.
  20. admccrea

    Aftermarket Batteries for Bosch Coming in 2015

    I was just quoted $900 for a replacement battery for my EFlow E3 Nitro, I hope there is a cheaper alternative before I really need one.