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  1. blueskyca

    Aspen speed in MPH, but odometer in KM?

    The L7 display on my Aspen reads speed in MPH, but the odometer reads in KM. I didn't see a thread on this, but Leon Cycle knows about the problem and says there's no fix - sorry. Do all the L7 displays do this?
  2. blueskyca


    I see Leon Cycle is now advertising ET.Cycles T720 and T1000 with 40% more range (?) out of a not much larger battery than the NCMs. And they're apparently using a 750 Watt das-Kit motor (new motor or stronger controller?). Google had nothing to say about current reviews of any kind. Even the...
  3. blueskyca

    Moscow Plus Brake Pads done in 880 miles

    Granted I live in a hilly section of So Cal, but my other mountain bikes do a few thousand before pads are toast. I wouldn't think 30 lbs more weight should make that much difference, but I am climbing higher than my human powered bikes. It was also interesting that the rear pads wore out first...
  4. blueskyca

    Rear Derailleur Downgrade?

    The rear derailleur on my new ST is different than that pictured on the Lectric website. It's simply labeled "Shimano" and appears identical to the ones found on the bargain basement Wal Mart bikes. What's up with that?
  5. blueskyca

    Moscow Plus Battery Bar Display Sketchy

    I have about a dozen battery cycles on my bike and I'm still trying to understand the rationale for the battery meter indicator on the C7 display. During my first ride, I thought I would have 40+ mile range because the meter stayed at max 5 bars for the first 45 minutes. Then it dropped like a...
  6. blueskyca

    Well that was fun

    My first rear tire flat on my Moscow plus was a pain. I read the flat repair procedures posted here a few weeks ago but I'm glad it didn't go completely flat on the trail or I would have been walking as I didn't have quite the right tools. I now carry a Huffy horseshoe quick change tube (be sure...
  7. blueskyca

    New Moscow Plus - my mini review

    How I spent my summer with a Moscow Plus... I’ve really appreciated the reviews and comments I’ve read here on this site and they have significantly influenced my buy decisions. At least I’ll know who to credit or blame… I’d like to add my (somewhat lengthy) review of my latest electric 2...