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    GoCycle? Any Experiences

    Yesterday I test rode a GoCycle G2. (I believe they have the G3 available in Europe, but not yet in the U.S.) It was fun to ride, so I started doing some research. Court tested the G2 last year, but aside from that their is not a ton of information. And, there is not a GoCycle forum here...
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    Better Kickstand?

    Sort of a lame question, I know, but does anyone have a recommendation for a kickstand? I have a Stromer ST1, and the kickstand that came with is seems too short. When in use, the bike tips a LOT - I have to pause to make sure it isn't going over. I sort of like those auto-up kickstands, but...
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    Trailer Hitch for Platinum? Standard type or funky?

    I have found a used trailer to haul my dog, and now wonder whether I need different adapters? The trailer (Burley Tail Wagon - new $400; used $200 ish, and still negotiating), seems to come with a hitch for quick release wheels. I do not think that is going to work. Since I am not getting this...
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    Charging Question: Every Time You Ride?

    I have an ST1, and was wondering whether I should charge the battery every time I ride? I have been doing this, but today I only ride to the store and back - less than 8 miles. The battery is showing 3 bars and was fully charged when I started. Thank you, Noreen
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    Freezing When Riding! Solution: Heated Vest

    So my Stromer is still a work in progress (handlebar grips, from bag/light issue), but I rode to work Friday, then went shopping and did errands on Sunday. Apparently I am also a work in progress, because I was miserable because I was so cold. I added heated gloves for the Sunday ride and that...
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    Handle Bar Extender? What Fits

    I ordered a Topeak BarXtender to expand the space available for mounting things on the handlebar. It doesn't fit well at all, and sort of flops over because the Stromer bars are a little rounded. Has anyone successfully added an extender? Which brand? I have also looked at Minoura Accessory...
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    Handle Bar Height-Adjustable?

    Is it possible to raise the height of the handle bars - or is the wiring too tight? I think I would like a slightly more upright riding position - maybe 2-3". Thank you. Noreen
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    What to Buy? Decided: Stromer ST1 Platinum

    My first post, although I have been lurking for a while. I have been researching e-bikes for months, and think I have analysis paralysis. Over the weeks, I have 100% decided to get the Stromer Platinum; then the Easy Motion Evo City Wave; then maybe wait for the S2; then the e-Flow Nitro; 50%...