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    Mid-Drive Pedaling under throttle?

    On my FLX Roadster midrive the cranks do not spin with throttle while the chain wheel drives the rear wheel.
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    Ride1Up Ltd Seat-post specs are incorrect

    My new July 11 delivery LMTD XR and ST both are 31.6 for my Suntour NCX seatposts.
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    E bike hauler help.

    1UP makes great racks. All metal No plastic parts. Very easy and fast to load bikes.
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    Looking for under 2.5K Torque Sensor Ebike

    Suggest FLX Step Through around $2700. Very nicely equipped with 14Ah battery and Deore components. 47lb.
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    I am finding it too hot to ride

    I hear you down in Tucson. My solution is to ride at 0430. It's mostly in high 60s or low 70s and starting to get light in June. Also beats most of the traffic. You probably need to start at 0300 and even then it's warm. But like you said...It's A Dry Heat!
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    72 years old, need recommendations

    JohnPeck- Nice looking bike. I am concerned about the standover height of 30" as specified for 27.5 frame on leoncycle site. How high is yours measured about an inch forward of the top tube rise. Is it as high as 30"? Thanks for helping short legged riders out there.
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    800 mile update on schwalbe marathon e plus for giant explore 3

    Update from Sep 2020. I now have over 6500 flat free miles on my Marathon E-Plus 700x50 tires. I usually pump to 52lbs and ride for two weeks before another pump up. 100% road riding. I do plan on switching them out at 7000 miles with the same new tires. Probably don't need to...but have some...
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    Limited battery randomly pops loose, and HOW do I turn the battery OFF?

    All Reention Dorado EEL batteries power off: Hold power button for 3 seconds and release.
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    Zen Shakti - $1990

    Looks like a winner. I suspect that the front rack option has limited appeal and diminish aesthetics of really good looking ebike.
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    LMT'D Battery Fit?

    I've had non-OEM batteries for several of my ebikes. Most 'fit' about the same. They all had slight gaps around the battery case even OEM. Water is going to get in these gaps upon immersion. I don't recall any ebike saying they are waterproof. But I doubt normal rain would affect the connection...
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    Luna charger - 80% max charge?

    52V Lithium battery voltage is normally charged to approximately 58V. So 80% is around 46V.
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    700 series regen

    No regeneration in Ride1Up bikes. You're experiencing 'voltage bounceback'. Display battery level show instaneous voltage readings under current load. When your battery isn't under load like riding down a hill, the voltage level will bounceback, showing higher battery level. Lithium Ion battery...
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    My brother wants a Dost mid motor

    Dost is cadence sensor vs LMTD torque. The riding experience of cadence vs torque might be the determining factor.
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    M600 owners..

    FLX Roadster M600 metal gear with over 4000mi. I hardly notice the slight 'hum' even when riding alone in the desert with no other sound than my tires. I think the sound would be overridden by city noise. Definitely not vacuum cleaner loud. Extremely happy with the powerful performance. Will...
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    M5 LCD Replacement

    I have had 4 Aventon Pace 500 ebikes over the past two years. ALL 4 Displays reset after X miles. This is well known problem for Pace 500 Displays. I received replacement Displays on 3 of the ebikes. 4th Display received monetary rebate from Aventon. Reset Display works fine. Just know that...
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    Aventon Modification

    Throttle On Demand is so convenient from stop lights. Just a second or two of throttle power gets you moving and you can start pedaling easily. Everyone has their opinions on TOD. I hope ebike sellers keep offering it. I parked my Aventon Pace 500 after 6000 reliable miles. It does not have TOD...
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    Pace 500 miles

    Since purchase of 500 in Jun 2019, I have cycled nearly 6000 miles. Replaced tires, brakes and chain. Replaced Display under warranty for reset problem. Wish the PAS 1 acceleration could be lower and Throttle On Demand. But have gotten used to it. I like the Aventon Pace 500. Good bike...
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    Please Suggest Most Comfortable Saddle

    Selle Royal Respiro Moderate is very comfortable for upright and slight lean position. Has wind tunnel for seat cooling...
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    Accessories for Pace 500

    I have tried several different bottle cage mounts on my 500. This is the one I really like. Very solid. Out of the way of standover and battery removal. SKS Germany Anywhere Bottle Cage Mount. I used Aventon's plastic bottle cage with the SKS strap mount on the bottom side of the toptube as...