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    Who's ebike riding could ALL be done on a regular bike?

    I'm riding the same routes around my house that I road on my two wheel recumbent. The recumbent does not climb well, but I could make it up all the hills, however slowly. I got the ebike for two reasons; recurring knee pain and a pinched nerve in my foot caused me to lay off the bike when they...
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    Schwalbe E One

    Ahh. Sound like my 700x23 road bike tires, fast but not highly puncture resistant. Good to know, thanks.
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    Known Issues & Problems with Yamaha Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    The solution turned out to be quite simple. It was the pedals, not the mid-drive. I discussed the symptoms with the shop owner by phone and I was able to narrow down and resolve. I turned off the e-assist entirely and then rode the bike. Noise was still present. Still could be something in...
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    Study: eBikers Get More Exercise than Traditional Cyclists & Use Cars Less

    I have loved riding bikes since a child and started exploring my region by bike before I could drive a car. 30 mile rides were not uncommon (3-speed sturmey archer hub). At 65 I've had to concede that 10% grades and ambushes by loose dogs were making me reluctant to engage in my favorite...
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    Schwalbe E One

    Has anyone tried the Schwalbe E One tires? Wondering if there would be an improvement in rolling resistance and range over heavier duty CST XPEDIUM AMPERO 700 x 35c. I ride mostly average roads, almost never dirt or gravel.
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    Known Issues & Problems with Yamaha Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    I have a Yamaha Urban Rush. A little more than 200 miles on the bike and i’m Getting a clacking noise in the vicinity of the crank that sounds like a metal screwdriver striking a hard piece of plastic. At first I only heard it at low speed and now I hear it at up to 20 mph. Only occurs when I’m...
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    Wahoo Kickr Trainer Adapter

    I have a first generation Wahoo Kickr Trainer that I used during bad weather with my previous bike. I see on the Wahoo site that there is a through axle adapter for their older trainers. Thinking about putting the Yamaha, without battery, on the trainer when things get colder. Has anyone had any...
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    Yamaha Ebike Motor RPM Support

    I am interested in this debate about cycling cadences because I'm always looking for ways to improve my speed, hill climbing and range on the bike. The first three article links seem to reference the same test as I get into the middle paragraphs and I don't see much on sustained output in that...
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    What new light weight e-bikes are on the horizon?

    So I imagine the Specialized Turbo Creo has been mentioned elsewhere in theses forums during the last week. 26.8 lb carbon frame.
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    Video Review: Yamaha UrbanRush

    My experience is similar to yours. My target cadence is 90 rpm and I can feel the boost in ECO mode when I start climbing.
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    Video Review: Yamaha UrbanRush

    Due to age and injuries my fitness levels have dropped enough that I became concerned about hill climbing and evading the occasional farm dog that chases me on rural routes. So a class 1 bike seemed like an appropriate choice for me. Since I used to ride road bikes, I picked up one of these...
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    Hello, new to e bikes and forum.

    Hi all. I'm a new e bike owner as of last week. I ride bike for fun and fitness and have been interested in these bikes since my wife bought a used Trek Hybrid with a hub motor two years ago to ride with me. Over the last two years, layoffs from riding due to injuries and aging in general...