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    Please Help Me Decide: Kona El Kahuna, Splice E, or Dew E?

    I am looking for an ebike with an upright riding position that will do well on paved roads, gravel, single track, and dirt. An "all around" bike. There are, generally speaking, no bikes in shops to try out, so I was wondering what your opinion was on the bikes I've listed above. Which would be...
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    Speed Versus Newton Meters? I'll take Torque.

    A 20mph Class 1 ebike is plenty of speed for me, plus you can ride it in places where many Class 2 or Class 3 bikes wouldn't be permitted. I personally don't need that extra 8 mph, but I would like as much torque as I could get for hills. I've noticed, however, that it's had to find a Class 1...
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    Class 1 Cannondale Tesoro or Kona Dew E wanted

    Hello. I am looking for a Class 1 Cannondale Tesoro or Kona Dew E. I would take a large in the Tesoro or extra large in the Dew E. Thanks for your help.
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    Class 3 Bikes: What Do Manufacturers Know That We Don't Know?

    In the course of looking for a new ebike with an upright riding position, I discovered that most of the bike models on my short list are offered only as Class 3 machines. I also discovered that Class 3 ebikes are not permitted in my home state (PA). Furthermore, I discovered (and I think this...
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    Kona Dew E DL For Rail Trails, Dirt Roads, and Gravel?

    I was contemplating buying a Cannondale Tesoro because I wanted an ebike with an upright position. I was attracted to the Tesoro because it is billed as a bike that performs well on asphalt as well as dirt, gravel, etc. I discovered, however, that all Tesoros are Class 3 bikes now and as such...
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    Which Companies Make Multi Mode/ Switchable Class Mode Ebikes?

    I have seen "Multi Mode/ Switchable Class Mode" Ebikes mentioned in discussions of the legality of different classes of ebikes, but I never saw any manufacturers and models mentioned. Could anybody tell me the names of the Makes/Models of such "switchable class" ebikes? Thanks.
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    I am contemplating getting an ebike with an "upright rider orientation." I really like the Cannondale Tesoro, the Specialized Turbo Vado SL, and the Kona DewE DL. I would like to be able to ride this bike on bike trails, most of which seem to have a 20 mph limit for ebikes. For the record, I...
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    Gear Inches Question: 28.3 v 27

    I'm thinking about getting an ebike and wondering about gear inches. On bikes with multiple gears, I tend to use far fewer combinations than I have available. I also like to have one "easy" combo available for hills, particularly as I'm getting older. I was wondering about the differences...
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    New Cannondales Showing Up in USA?

    The Cannondale website seems to be in the process of updating. It looks like the Tesoro Neo X 2, not previously available in the USA, will now be available. Maybe? The Cannondale rep at their main site does not have specifics on it yet, so perhaps it is a mistake. Looks like a great bike...
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    Cannondale Synapse Neo: How do they achieve that huge Range Per Battery Charge?"

    Cannondale Synapse Neos: How do they achieve that huge Range Per Battery Charge?" I want to get a battery assisted gravel bike and have narrowed my choice down to a Cannondale Synapse Neo 1, a Cannondale Synapse Neo SE, or a Kona Libre EL. There have been no reviews of the Kona Libre (E7000...
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    Anybody Test Ride a Kona Libre EL Yet?

    Great looking battery assist gravel bike. Anybody ride one yet? If so, what are your impressions?
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    "Specialized Confusion". Changing a Class 1 Bike to a Class 3 Bike On the Fly?

    Hello. I was told that with some ebikes, notably Specialized Turbos, you can effectively "change" the bike from a Class 1 machine to a Class 3 machine or vice versa merely by pressing a button on the bike. Another person told me that this change can be done but it has to be done by a...
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    2021 Cannondale Synapse Neo EQ: New Synapse Model Showing Up in Europe

    Been asking lots of questions and trying to decide on a Cannondale Neo (Tesoro or Synapse SE). Cannondale told me today that info on 2021 models will probably not be released in the USA until mid to late October. A new iteration of the Synapse Neo showed up in a British shop. Aside from a...
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    Buy Now or Wait Until 2021?

    I was getting ready to pull the trigger on either a Cannondale Synapse Neo SE or a Kona Dew-E DL. I discovered from a LBS today that no Dew-E DLs will likely be available before December at the earliest. The Synapse Neo SE is available, but one wonders if anything will be upgraded on that...
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    Specialized Turbo E Bikes: Any "Class 1" Machines?

    I'm looking to get a new ebike. I like Specialized Ebikes, particularly the Vado, but want something that I can ride on both the road and on bike paths without fear of being hassled. Most of the Vados I see are Class 3 bikes, but I have heard that there are some Class 1 Vados out there. I...
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    Cannondale Tesoro NEO X 2 In USA?

    Anybody know if the Cannondale Tesoro NEO X2 is sold in the USA? Looks like a nice, versatile, and powerful package with the Bosch Performance Line CX. (upgradable to 85 nm too?) I can see them for sale in Europe, but I can only find the Tesoro NEO X1 and X3 for sale in the USA. Maybe in 2021?
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    Trek E-bike Total Weight Ceiling

    (I asked a version of this question in another forum.) I am contemplating getting an Ebike and I really like two of the Trek models I read about (Trek Allant Plus 7 and Trek Verve Plus 3) but the maximum rated weight of those bikes ranges from around 275-300 lbs and the calculation includes...
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    Best Newton Meters of Torque on a Multi Surface/Multi Use Class 1 E-Bike?

    I'm close to getting an E bike. I wanted something with a good range, good weight capacity, assisted speed under 20mph, good torque to climb hills, and a good support network of bike shops in the USA. I liked the Specialized Vado, but their assisted speed exceeded the legal limit for bike...
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    Cannondale 2021 Lineup?

    Anybody know if Cannondale's 2021 bike lineup has been published anywhere? I see that some bikes listed as 2021 models have been advertised by European bike shops. Does anybody know if Cannondale has published a list of their 2021 bikes which will be available here in the USA? I am interested...
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    Cannondale Synapse Neo SE or Cannondale Synapse Neo 1

    They are very similar bikes and they cost the same. (right now) The Synapse Neo SE has 650B tires, 11 speeds, mostly SRAM Apex components, and is marketed, somewhat, as a gravel bike with road capabiliities. The Synapse Neo 1 has 22 speeds, mostly Shimano 105 and Ultegra components, and...