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    Hydra Pedal Options

    Sun Ringle and ProTaper are both brands of Hayes Bicycle, so the ProTaper ZuZu and Sun Ringle are perhaps one and the same.
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    Dangerous and Illegal Helmet Cam

    Legalities aside, I worry that a helmet cam or light may compromise the safety of a helmet. I do not think I have ever seen a test demonstrating the effectiveness of a helmet with such accessories added to it.
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    Anyone have one? Thoughts?

    I did not mean to imply that S-pedalecs are unavailable in the EU. Regardless, I still don't think there is really any special requirements in engineering that makes the Tout Terrain somehow inferior, other than it is less modern-looking. I do understand that if there are two bikes with similar...
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    Anyone have one? Thoughts?

    Depending on the design, it can also have disadvantages as well. As it is a European e-bike, its speed is limited. Analog bikes are ridden at speeds beyond 32 km/h and with great weight without ill effect. Now, if it had a high power system, I might be inclined to agree more with you. But...
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    Anyone have one? Thoughts?

    The motor is in the hub, so I do not really see a problem. You might argue that the frame needs to be stiffer or stronger in some fashion, but that is a design choice a manufacturer makes. Stiffer is not necessarily better. Stronger is somewhat academic; steel is more than up to the task of...
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    Ripcurrent S - can the shocks be upgraded?

    I have not checked, but I suspect all the name-brand forks will be thru-axle only. It is a superior technology and all higher end bikes use it, so there is not much incentive for manufacturers to make high-end forks for a fading 9mm quick release market. FYI, another thing you need to be...
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    Help. Can't get shimano downtube 500w battery out

    Here are the service instructions:
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    Ripcurrent S - can the shocks be upgraded?

    Yes, you would need to change the front wheel as well, with one that has a thru-axle hub. As for increasing the life of the bike, unless the frame is not properly built, it really should not make any difference what kind of fork is installed. There are plenty of bikes that have so-called rigid...
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    Ripcurrent S - can the shocks be upgraded?

    The Recon won't work because you have a fat bike. The lone Rockshox for fat bikes is the Bluto, about $700. The Bluto is a thru-axle fork, so you would need a thru-axle wheel as well.
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    CrossCurrent X is it possible to sit up straight

    Hydraulic lines and control cables can be changed.
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    First time working on threadless steerer tube, me likey!

    Having a long steerer tube gives a consumer more options. It can always be cut, after all, but if it was short to begin with, then the need for a stem extender becomes more necessary. I like what Giant did; it is a cleaner-looking, more elegant way to have the handlebars higher without...
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    CrossCurrent X is it possible to sit up straight

    I do not own one, but in order to sit straight up would require modifications to the cockpit. You would likely want to raise the bars using a stem extender, and/or change the bars with a model that has rise and/or sweep. I would also recommend changing to a somewhat wider saddle.
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    looking for softer ride

    Pretty much. I suppose it could be argued that a longer one is better, but I have never known one to not work regardless of the length.
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    looking for softer ride

    A 30.9 mm post would not go in at all. Whichever post you choose will require an appropriate shim.
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    What to look for Buying used?

    Cast wheels are really heavy, and those are cast fat tire bike wheels, so they gotta be really, really heavy.
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    This new cargo e-bike is bringing Dutch design to the US

    I hate those things! 🤣 Seriously, I have had to build and repair a few similar trikes, and in doing so, have had to test ride them. I find them pretty unpleasant to ride. Steering them is ponderous, and it generally feels odd, especially on uneven ground, because it has three wheels and you...
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    Adjustable Stem for Aventon Level?

    Just my opinion, but if you want to raise the bars, either get a stem extender, or a stem with rise. It is pointless to use an adjustable stem if you never adjust it other than up. It is heavier, and it is one more thing to get loose (and as someone who works on bikes for a living, I have run...
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    Searching for Chain Ring With Bash Ring

    What bike do you have? Sourcing chainring guards is a little complicated; it needs to fit the bolt pattern and bolt circle diameter (BCD) of the crank. Real bash guards of the circular style are no longer common; often the ones you see on inexpensive bikes are not bash guards at all; they are...
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    Tighten Skewer on new radrunner can someone tell me if the thumb nut supposed to turn after lifting lever

    Not having seen the skewer that is supplied with the bike, some have an adjusting nut that is covered with a plastic cap. The plastic cap is supposed the be fixed to the steel nut underneath, but sometimes the plastic cap breaks away from the steel nut, which makes it difficult if not impossible...