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    Going in Circles My E-bike Experience So Far

    In 2018, my assortment of 3 conventional bikes had mostly hung in my garage other than occasional outings of about 12 miles on my hard-tailed mountain bike. 2 of the bikes were 30 years old; I was keeping them around for purely sentimental reasons. All my bikes needed maintenance. My love of...
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    touring strategies

    For some time, I've been planning to do a credit card tour from the RTP area in North Carolina to Knoxville, Tennessee (roughly 350 miles according to Boogle maps' bike routes). I'm hoping to average a little over 70 miles/day and will be relatively lightly loaded (tools, change of clothes or...
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    e-bike model popularity

    simple question, but I've never seen an answer. What's the single most popular/best selling e-bike model ever? maybe some model of the Pedego? but that would be US only. What's the single most popular e-bike model and brand on this forum? It's clearly not one of the e-bikes I've...
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    buying a used e-bike battery through e-bay

    I've been watching e-bay for used e-bike batteries. Despite some posts here that make it sound all but impossible or at least prohibitively expensive to ship e-bike batteries, there are some people buying them and selling them via e-bay with what appear to be good customer feedback for the...
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    Share e-bikes in Sacramento, California

    Jump Bikes which is owned by Uber is renting e-bikes in Sacramento. I was meeting an old friend at an ice cream parlor that I used to go to more than 50 years ago and there was a row of these share e-bikes docked right in front of the shop.
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    Best options?

    I'm thinking about doing a couple tours with a fair amount of climbing in the Appalachians. My current e-bike has a 50 mile range and weighs about 50 pounds unloaded. The 50 mile range is with the bike almost exclusively in eco mode. I'm hoping to do about 100 miles/day. 1. The best...
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    For those who still have both?

    How much do you still ride your non e-bike? I've ridden mine once in the two and a half months since I got mine, but some of that is the novelty of the new toy. This sounds terrible, but a lot of us here are 60 or older. Is the e-bike like a cane or a walker for people who still want to get...
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    Stupid E-bike games?

    I have a class 1 bike (BMW Cruise) and I get passed now and then by cyclists in multi-colored jerseys who are riding carbon fiber-framed bikes with drop handlebars. I don't exactly race them, but I wait a few seconds then see if I can re-close the gap. Most of them are going about 22 to 23 mph...
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    Recharging during the day on tour

    I recently bought a BMW Cruise e-bike (250 watt Bosch) and have been thinking about riding from Durham, NC to Knoxville, Tn. (350+ miles) next Spring. I've done long tours on a non e-bike before and am planning on sleeping in motels (so can charge at night there) and I won't be adding much...
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    Another New Member

    After being fascinated by e-bikes for a few years, I rented one, a 65 pound Pedego, on a trip to Solana Beach, California. I pedalled along the beach, made it up the big hill at Torrey Pines State Park, and had a great time riding about 35 miles. I returned the bike to the Pedego shop and knew...