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  1. ChezCheese:)

    "Please delete me, let me go..."🎵

    We just posted my husband's Vado 2.0 in the classified section:
  2. ChezCheese:)

    SOLD! 2018 Turbo Vado 2.0, size Med.

    2018 Specialized Turbo Vado 2.0 (Class 1) with 1002 miles on it. Note that the controller got a little scratched when my husband turned it upside down to work on it, same with one grip end. Works great, and sold him on ebikes! He has upgraded to a Class 3 now. Located on the west side of Puget...
  3. ChezCheese:)

    Vado 4.0 EQ for sale in Seattle area

    Just saw a Vado 4.0 EQ for sale on OfferUp for $3700, if somebody is looking... Check out this item on OfferUp.
  4. ChezCheese:)

    What suspension fork for 2017 Vado 5.0?

    If we were to buy a low miles 2017 Vado 5.0, what suspension fork should we get for it?
  5. ChezCheese:)

    Toasted forest

    The past several days we have been camping around Washington's Olympic Peninsula. We did not take our bikes, but I wanted to share with you all how the heat/drought/climate change has affected the forest. The more open the forest is, the more devastating the effect. The photos below were taken...
  6. ChezCheese:)

    3.0 or 4.0?

    What are the differences between the Vado 3.0 and the 4.0? What are the differences between the Como 3.0 and the 4.0? And do any of these models have a removable controller?
  7. ChezCheese:)

    Brose, Class 3, internally geared hub?

    Is there such a critter with these three features?
  8. ChezCheese:)

    If Keith Jarrett and Philip Glass had a Polish daughter...

    She would play music like this...
  9. ChezCheese:)

    CDC now says the fully vaccinated can go unmasked!

    That is a welcome announcement! We can get back to being human again. However, I think there will be an interrem period of time as society switches over. For instance, yesterday, I couldn't go to the supermarket without a mask, but today, presumably I can. I'm not going to test this right away...
  10. ChezCheese:)

    BMW Active Hybrid ebike

    I came across the BMW Active Hybrid ebike online, and it looks very stylish and has a Brose motor, which I love. But I can't find out if it is a Class 1 or a Class 3. I contacted two BMW dealerships, but if it isn't a car or a motorcycle, they don't know nothin' and don't want to know. It is a...
  11. ChezCheese:)

    Y'all have to step up your photography game!

    Here is a link to an article in the New York Times about a photographer/cyclist in England: A Cyclist on the English Landscape Gorgeous photos!! (I do hope there is no pay wall for those of you who have no subscription.)
  12. ChezCheese:)

    Who here has used dog spray?

    Down our street is a Doberman who comes barreling out its yard every so often like Yosemite Sam. Maybe she's all bark and no bite, I don't know. My neighbors had warned me about this dog, but I only experienced it yesterday. Mostly, she is in her fenced backyard, but if the gate or frontdoor is...
  13. ChezCheese:)

    One ingredient excuse to ride

    Since the pandemic started, I have been assiduous about going to the grocery store only once a week. Planning a week's menus and buying a lot at one go, instead of going a few times a week for fewer things. But yesterday I had a hankering for BBQ ribs. I had everything to make my BBQ rub except...
  14. ChezCheese:)

    Ebike battery house fire in Australia

    They don't mention the type of ebike or battery manufacturer or whether the charger was original manufacturer or not. That would be nice to know....
  15. ChezCheese:)

    So I derestricted my Brose motor

    On my BH Atom Diamond Wave Pro. Just by using the "move the magnet to the pedal crank" method. It does work, but it confuses the heck out of the controller stats, which I knew it would. It also seemed to reduce the torque, but I could have been mistaken. But one thing it does is, as everyone...
  16. ChezCheese:)

    What industries are going to thrive post-pandemic?

    As a spin-off of the Wall Street Bets discusion, what industries / companies do you think are going to rebound and thrive once we get past the pandemic? New infections seem to be going down substantially, and I'm starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Which is good because even I have...
  17. ChezCheese:)

    Where did you get your ebike?

    Choose a source for each ebike your household owns. (Actually, I'm not sure the poll function will allow you to record if you have more than one ebike from the same type of source. Guess you'll have to clarify in the comments.)
  18. ChezCheese:)

    A view of the bike shortage in Europe

    Countries really need to diversify their manufacturing base. It isn't fair when China subsidizes industries, and it is important to recognize that workers there are being exploited. It is also up to customers to choose where they spend their money.
  19. ChezCheese:)

    Many trees make a forest

    I wanted to invite anyone who is interested to a new website I just built called I have joined with two other friends to raise money to keep trees from being clearcut. We live near a 3,500 acre county park in Washington State (Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park) which will have...
  20. ChezCheese:)

    Ok: 'Fess up.

    Just out of curiosity, how many of you stayed home and had Thanksgiving with your immediate bubble, and how many of you had Thanksgiving with people outside of your bubble?