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    Walmart 20" folder mid drive conversion

    This is the 4th bike this TSDZ2 has been installed on. 1st was a Dahon Jack 26" folder for testing purposes only, 2nd on my wife's Dahon Briza 24" folder which she doesn't ride anymore, 3rd was on a Cadillac Fleetwood beach cruiser type bike with a Nuvinci N360 hub - taken off that bike because...
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    Any bee keepers?

    This swarm showed up in my back yard. I'm assuming just passing through but I'd like to start up a beehive. ACE hardware has one in stock but store is 50 miles away. Very docile bees, I could walk right up in a hovering swarm and none bothered me
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    Almost ready to go

    Will be pulling the trailer with 2 batteries (no battery on the bike itself) in a fairly remote area. Hoping to get 2 days of riding between charges
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    2019 BH/EasyMotion Rebel Gravel X

    $1,500 Location SW Washington Portland/Vancouver area ~1,300 miles, many of which (half or more) were ridden without using motor assist Here is Court's review, but note that he reviewed an earlier version of the bike with the older PW motor. Mine has a PW-SE with the PW-X display...
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    Parts bin Cadillac Fleetwood TSDZ2 mid drive build

    I put my wife's Dahon Briza with the TSDZ2 up for sale. If it doesn't sell very soon I'm going to pull the motor and put it on a Cadillac Fleetwood bike I have sitting in a shed. I bought that bike years ago to go riding along with my wife when she was able to ride her Schwinn beach cruiser...
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    Dahon Briza D8 with TSDZ2 mid drive (no longer for sale)

    I hate to post this bike for sale but my wife realistically won't be able to ride it again due to orthopedic issues. $1,200, 36v battery not included. The Briza bike alone is listed at $1,150 on the Dahon site, more from some sellers. The Tongsheng kit was $415. This was not a straightforward...
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    TSDZ2 48v 100nm version

    Spring is here with warmer temps just around the corner. When the weather allows I want to do some few day tours in eastern Oregon before it gets hot there as well as on the Olympic Peninsula, Whidbey and the San Juan Islands later in the spring and summer. I have a Yamaha assist gravel bike...
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    Couple geared front hub questions

    I just got my wife a Biria Easy Boarding Easy 7 bike, she loves it and it is clear that the Dahon Briza that I put a TSDZ2 on will no longer be a regular rider for her. In fact she wants me to remove the mid drive and restore bike to stock so she can easily put it in her small SUV to take to...
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    Bike shortage or "I don't want to bother"

    After having installed a Tongsheng mid drive on my wife's Dahon Briza she has (very reasonably) decided she wants a Biria Easy Boarding bike for the lowest possible step over. We both had rented these bikes on Mackinaw Island several years ago and liked them even though at that time she didn't...
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    Since buying a Yamaha powered gravel bike in '19 I've rediscovered the fun of biking here in the hills. In the past I've ridden everything with regular pedal bikes including hills on a heavy 1st generation Nuvinci CVT hubbed cruiser bike, but no more. I'd like to be able to put a Tongsheng...
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    Undervolting a 48v geared hub motor?

    I've installed a 48v 500w rear geared hub motor with a 48v 15ah battery on an old mountain bike and found that I like it a lot. I'm thinking I might take it on a 2-3 day camp and ride late May in fairly remote areas of eastern Oregon. If it works I'd like to take a 36v 15ah battery that I...
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    Geared hub motor for cruiser tandem/

    We've had this cruiser tandem for about 8 years, not ridden a lot but it was a lot of fun when we did. Our favorite paths to ride are hilly - I can put in a lot of effort but my wife has knee issues and isn't able to pedal hard anymore so it has sat unused for a couple years. I was going to...
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    Disadvantage of integrated mid drives that I don't see mentioned

    Currently I have a Yamaha PW-SE mid drive gravel bike and a Tongsheng TSDZ2 mid drive on my wife's bike. From what I read mid drives, in general, seem to be reliable and long lasting. But what happens when one breaks down (there are plenty of anecdotes on this forum) ? The motor alone can...
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    Skinny higher pressure tires make a difference

    I have a BH Rebel Gravel X Yamaha mid drive gravel bike that came with Schwalbe G-one 700 x 40c tires which have no flat protection and a max inflation pressure of 70psi. I wasted almost $100 on Tannus Armour inserts with tubes. Took them out because of what I felt was excessive additional...
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    The Old West Scenic Bikeway I did this ride last Tue-Wed-Thur on my BH EasyMotion Gravel X. Total 174 miles with about 8,500ft total elevation gain. 1st day 73 miles from Bates State Park to Monument OR. I didn't need assist for the first 40 miles which was a gentle...
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    List your experience with Tannus Armour

    When I searched Tannus Armour on this web site I found info scattered usually under specific bike brands and some other experiences have been different than mine. Maybe a specific thread would be helpful for those considering them and I'm curious regarding experience others have had. I bought...
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    Experience with Tongsheng 36v 350w mid-drive kit anyone?

    I am impressed with the Yamaha mid drive on my BH Gravel X and am interested in a torque sensing mid drive kit for my wife's bike. She doesn't ride more than 10-12mph max on 10 or less mile rides but she needs a lot of help with hills due to recent knee surgery. I've done a web search and most...