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    Vado SL spoke information needed

    Hello, I recently broke one of the spokes on my Vado SL and can't find a bike store to help me fix it outside them telling me that they are too busy to take in any more bikes or want me to wait 4-6 weeks. I want to try and do it myself now and was wondering what size spokes i needed to order...
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    Specialized Vado SL bike pads

    Got my Vado SL when it first came out and it feels like I need some new brake pads but having a hard time finding info on that unless I want to stop by the local bike shop that won’t sell me any parts Unless I pay them for the Service as well to change the pads. Just wondering If anyone knew...
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    Specialized Vado SL derestricted

    Anyone have any experience or recommendations derestricting a Vado SL? Mostly leaning towards the magnet trick were you move the sensor back and tape the magnet onto the crank itself. I live in Canada and our max speed of 32km is just a little low for me when I’m commuting to work.