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    A comparison of tires in wet weather

    Daily commuting in Vancouver is an excellent laboratory for wet weather tire comparisons. The Super Moto-X tires handle well under damp and dry conditions, did ok on light gravel and mud on the road. The Marathon Supreme tire handled well on wet and dry roads but easily loose traction on gravel...
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    Two bikes stolen this year

    My daughters in university have had two acoustic bikes stolen this year in Vancouver B.C. it is out of control. The thieves operate chop shops in the streets with the police watching. I had some signs printed and installed them ifront of city hall and the Provincial Courthouse and several other...
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    Hello from Vancouver

    A big thank you to all who take the time to post all the usefull information, expertise and opinions. It was all very helpful in purchasing my first ebike. I am hoping the weather improves soon so I can commute on my 2018 powerfly 5 SUV