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    DIY inquiry from those with homebuilt e-bikes

    I am posting this thread to get feedback from people with e-bike building and modifying experience. If you have had success with a kit or custom build from scratch, what would you do different on the next DIY e-bike project? Have any homebuilders welded additional frame support in the bottom...
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    Stromer purchase inquiry midwest US

    Wondering where people in the midwest US have purchased their Stormers and what servicing is required with the bike.
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    Anyone have Squeaky Crank?

    My Delite cranks have been squeaking while pedaling, no squeak when coasting. It's been quite humid lately. Tried to remove the cranks with a Park universal crank puller and no luck. Had to order Bosch specific tool so to remove the cranks and grease the threads. With the cranks off might as...
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    Luna range and speed limit inquiry

    Nice e-bikes at the Luna website. Are any of the Luna bikes capable of a 100 mile range with no 28 mph speed limit which is the norm with a Bosch motor setup. i realize the battery system on an e-bike will drain quicker at higher speeds. The speed limit with Bosch motor after a climb is an...
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    Has anyone tried a Badass 4 speed unlock?

    I have been looking at this speed unlock device. Every time I pedal above 28mph the e assist shuts off. This happens after every hill in my area. On a traditonal non e-bike it was no big deal to pedal in the lower 30's after a hill and take advantage of the road grade. Wish I could do the same...
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    Vee Tire Speedster 27.5 X 2.8?

    Has anyone tried this tire for road riding? My understanding is the tire is susceptible to punctures and the rubber surrounding the bead is thin. Seen some reviews with no issues. Minimal rolling resistance for road and not good on gravel. Considering this tire for road use but need to make a...
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    R&M Turbo Metric

    A long time ago I use to cheat the wind with all sorts of aero tricks. In present day I now cheat the wind with more watts from an extra battery. Absolutely nothing aero about this setup but man it flies regardless of how heavy the bike is. Quite the fun experience riding the R&M TurboMetric.
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    Tire rollout calculation?

    I did not realize the Kiox setting for wheel size is in cm as the Kiox displays inches. I now understand why the Kiox default is questionable after viewing a "Wheel Circumference" post from May, 2019.
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    Noise level with a Delite?

    Wondering if anyone else with a Delite has frame vibration noise when riding on rough pavement. After several weeks on the road I began noticing a higher noise level when pedaling on rough roads. Lot of cracked road pavement in my local area I did a google search for noise with the Gates belt...
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    Nyon upgrade or Garmin for GPS?

    Has anyone been using a Garmin for GPS and had the opportunity to campare it with a Nyon. I want to start using GPS on the Delite and I have zero experience with either Garmin or Nyon. The Nyon upgrade is not going to avaialable at my local R&M dealer until Sept. The cost appears to be similar...
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    Any potential rain issues with pre 2020 battery mounts, Bossch drive or Rohloff?

    My rookie question for the evening. I notice the current R&M bikes have batteries integrated into the frame. The bike I have has batteries that clip onto the frame. Wondering if anyone has had any electronic issues when commuting in the rain with batteries exposed to moisture. Also wondering...
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    Help with Magura E rear brake adjustment

    I've got a Delite with Magura E hydraulic brakes. I am looking for suggestions on how to adjust the rear disc brake pads by very minimal amount. No matter how I attempt to adjust rear caliper bolts I end up with the rotor contacting the pads. Wondering if there is an adjustment screw on the...
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    Bike repair stand suggestions.

    Wondering what bike repair stands people use to support the weight of the R&M bikes.
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    Bolts on Delite?

    I have a question about the bolts installed on components of the Delite. What is the technical name for the bolts on this bike? I need to update my bike toolkit so I can make adjustments when needed. The L wrench set I currently have is not going to work with this bike. What do other R&M...
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    Stem & headset adjustment on a Delite?

    I received my Delite yesterday and hoping someone can explain the correct process for repositioning the stem. The components with the bike are different than traditional bikes I have owned and worked on in the previous years. I am wondering if the black plastic cap on top of the stem is...
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    Tire options for Delight

    I am planning to ride a Delight and nearly all mileage will be on roads instead of trails. Road conditions in my area are not the best with cracked pavement, rumble strips in some shoulders and a lot of debris from construction trucks. Some gravel shoulder riding when roads are under...