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    LIve from New York

    A friend of mine just sent me this pic from their kids office window this morning Self immolating e-bike.
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    Juggernaut Ultra. Bafang DPC-18, boots up with lights on

    About 2 secs after turning power on, lights come on and stay on. I can turn them off with the button. Then next time I power up it does the same thing. I figure I must have accidentally "fat-fingered" some hidden setting somewhere. It's not in the basic settings. Not a big deal, the lights...
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    How do you power up a Biktrix Juggernaut ultra without the display.

    Wanted to read my Ultra settings and back them up, no changes needed at present. I have my USB cable, it seems to check out . I show a COM 4 port , software is loaded but but it's not seeing anything (greyed out). Cable plugs in OK. So the motor controller is probably not powered up. How do...
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    Rad Rover support gone AWOL?

    Seems like their phone system is down and they are not answering emails. My Rover kick stand broke, not essential but inconvenient. Just want to purchase a replacement.
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    Rad City step thru Bolton mod, how did you solve the lack of clearance on the fender?

    The Bolton Controller is about 1/2 inch thicker than the standard one. So there is not enough space to squeeze it in on the City. Anyone who has done this, did you bend or cut the fender or is there some more elegant solution you can suggest?