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    Schwalbe E One

    Has anyone tried the Schwalbe E One tires? Wondering if there would be an improvement in rolling resistance and range over heavier duty CST XPEDIUM AMPERO 700 x 35c. I ride mostly average roads, almost never dirt or gravel.
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    Wahoo Kickr Trainer Adapter

    I have a first generation Wahoo Kickr Trainer that I used during bad weather with my previous bike. I see on the Wahoo site that there is a through axle adapter for their older trainers. Thinking about putting the Yamaha, without battery, on the trainer when things get colder. Has anyone had any...
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    Hello, new to e bikes and forum.

    Hi all. I'm a new e bike owner as of last week. I ride bike for fun and fitness and have been interested in these bikes since my wife bought a used Trek Hybrid with a hub motor two years ago to ride with me. Over the last two years, layoffs from riding due to injuries and aging in general...