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    Rad servicing

    I have had two RadCity bike in my shop the last two days. The first was shipped with a bent crank; nothing I could do for the customer except refer him back toRad. The second the customer wanted his brake cables swapped; rear on the left and front on the right. I checked his wheels for tension...
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    Schwalbe Marathon Plus vs. Continental Contact Plus

    I'd be curious to know if anyone here has used both of these tires on a long term basis. I only ask because I have both at my co-op, and they appear to be just about the same. I cannot confirm how thick the puncture layer is in the Conti, but in my hand the tire certainly feels as thick as the...
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    More People Are Biking These Days — So Why Are Kids Riding Less?

    Interesting story. Talk amongst yourselves. ;)
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    Trek Bafang Conversion

    Not my bike, but the owner said I should post pictures of the work I did for him. So here is his Trek road bike with a Bafang mid-drive kit installed. He ordered the optional ebrake and gear sensors. I couldn't find an elegant or workable way to mount the ebrake sensors on either the main or...
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    Look, another road e-bike

    Look, maker of the first widely-adopted clipless pedal, has been making bikes for decades as well. Now they too have jumped into the e-bike arena with the E-765 Optimum. It uses the Fazua Evotion motor along with a 7aH 36V battery. As with other Fazua-powered bikes, assisted speed it limited...
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    New Yamaha Gravel Bike

    The Wabash
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    Harley Davidson goes after Kids with e-bikes

    Harley-Davidson acquires maker of e-bikes for kids Not really e-bikes; more like scooters, 'cause they don't have pedals. But interesting, nonetheless.
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    E-bike bursts into flames on Australian hill climb

    9 News Video It was a Pinarello carbon road bike fitted with a hub motor kit.
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    Maybe he owns an electric bike?

    Luxury $400,000 Mercedes-Benz is spray-painted... :p
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    Cobra Kai: Johnny's BMX Bike

    Has anyone here watched Cobra Kai, the YouTube Red series about the continuation of the Karate Kid saga? Today I binged-watched all 10 shows of the premiere season yet again. :p In the show there is a flashback scene which is supposed to be set in 1979, where future rival to Daniel...
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    Yamaha releases New Motor and Displays

    Yamaha announced a new motor for 2019, the PWseries TE, which incorporates the new Quad Sensor System. In addition to measuring speed, torque, and cadence, the TE has an angle sensor to detect the bike's angle of climb or descent. The system will automatically boost or reduce the assistance...
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    It's a showroom model, so it might have a scratch or two. :p
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    Yamaha PW swap to PW-X?

    I know Yamaha does not sell motors or kits; I'm just more curious than anything else. But say the PW motor on my Haibike died. I know the PW-X motor is lighter and smaller, but does it use the same exact mount as the PW? When I look at the photos of the two, it does not look like the mounting...
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    Bosch vs Yamaha Battle

    This is not a battle of which motor is better. Nope. It is the battle of who made the better promotional video. :p Which gets your vote?
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    Notes and Thoughts about the 2016 SDURO Trekking RC

    I took delivery of a Trekking RC on Friday, and assembled it that day. The company I got it from, Random Bike Parts (through their eBay store) did a good job of packing it, putting in extra cardboard to protect it during shipping. The first thing I always do is insert the seatpost so I can put...
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    Latest Modifications; Hello from Northern Virginia

    I have been watching EBR on YouTube for awhile, and have had an interest in getting myself an e-bike. I am 56, overweight and out of shape! A far cry from days-gone-by when I was riding "manually" 200-300 miles a week. I have been in the bicycle industry for 40 years, although currently I am...