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  1. crystalball

    TransX BL17

    I have a 2015 IZIP Dash with a problem Battery Management System. I am looking for someone who has a core. Do you have an old TransX BL17 that is just sitting around as a door stop?
  2. crystalball


    What happened to IZIP? All of their former dealers in my area (San Francisco Bay Area) no longer represent them or will do wok on IZIP Bikes. When I call their corporate HQ no one answers the phone. Does anyone know what is going on here?
  3. crystalball

    Possible to make an Ebike go 75+ mph?

    Sure, why stop at 75, here is an electric option that will get you to 102 MPH on two wheels, you will just have to give up pedaling.
  4. crystalball

    Commuter Upgrade

    I bought a new 2015 Izip E3 Dash about a three months ago, have about 1000 miles on it now and I can say it is unbelievable. A 15 mile round trip averaging an effortless 25MPH with some hills and head wind is easily done. I can’t speak for the mid drive 2016 Dash but the 2015 is absolutely...
  5. crystalball

    Bike for wife

    I am looking for an ebike for my wife, she is 62 and 5'3". We will be riding together, simple, comfortable and light weight are important factors. It will be used around town and on paved trails. For reference I have a 2015 izip dash and absolutely love it, yes it easily does 28MPH but when...
  6. crystalball

    Favorite cycling smart phone apps

    Do you have a favorite smart phone app that you use when riding your ebike? I am particularly interested in two features that I have not found in existing apps yet> Background integration with the iPhone health app (Background is key so you do not have to launch the app before you start your...
  7. crystalball

    Where To Buy 2nd Battery For 2015 IZIP E3 Dash

    Consider selling your battery on ebay and that will give you several hundred dollars to put toward a replacement bike.
  8. crystalball

    IZIP E3 DASH 2015 PR 2016?

    I have an opportunity to but a brand new IZIP E3 DASH, still in sealed factory box for about $700 less than a brand new 2016. I realize the 2016 has a mid drive motor and hydraulic brakes, both nice improvements but is this worth the difference in price? I realize the 2016 has fenders, rack...