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    Cargo Box Solution for my needs

    The need for heavy duty, lightweight, lockable bike cargo panniers prompted me to build Velockers. Check out the prototypes and let me know if you have any suggestions!
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    Velocker, Locking Aluminum Cargo Panniers

    I just wanted to show off a new type of panniers called Velockers. These lightweight cargo boxes have made bike commuting possible for me. They securely attach to most bikes with rear racks and the lids come off for extra versatility. Mine have 6000 miles on them and they look and operate...
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    Hello Electric Bikers! I am excited to share and learn. Electric cargo bikes are the future of transportation.

    Hi, I'm Brian. I have a Felt Bruhaul cargo bike with a Bosch Performance assist system. Owning this bike has made sustainable transportation possible for me. I made some aluminum pannier boxes to carry around my tools and dogs a while back. The boxes got so much attention that I made some...