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    ODO stopped at 9,999 miles ???

    Our Como 3.0 (@2019) ran up to 9,999 Miles and ODO stopped. How can ODO be 'Reset' . Without ODO it's more difficult to gauge maintenance intervals. LBS where purchased doesn't seem equipped to help ... Thanx EBand
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    delete please
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    Como cassette replacement.

    we have two Como 3.0 650B bikes. trying to replace cassette and chain. Specialized website specs : Shimano CS-HG200, 9-speed, 11-36t Vendors only seem to have CS-200 in 11-34 T I can find Shimano "Alivio" CS HG 400 cassette in COMO's OEM 11-36T and Shimano "Altus" HG CS201 in the OEM...
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    Como Chain & Sprox source?

    Our Como's (2.0?) have some hard miles and wear on drive chain and sprox, a little over 8,000 miles on one and @ 3,500miles on other Como. Need Como front sprocket, rear 9 speed cluster and chain for the hi mile one. a reputable U.S. online retailer or similar source appreciated...
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    Chain length Como 2.0 / 3.0?

    RE: Como stepthru's with the 9 speed derailleur and 48 T ring drivetrain. Our Como's have @ 2500 miles and @ 7500 miles respectively. No visible or riding problems but I want to replace drive chains on both. No problems with either but replaced disc pads on the 2.0 at @ 4000 miles . > What is...
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    Como front fender?

    Want to add a front fender for a Como (3.0). Mainly looking to protect motor area from road salt spray on winter roads. Available aftermarket? thanks
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    E- Gloves ?

    Info appreciated on HEATED gloves for cold weather riding. Anyone make rechargeable battery powered handwarmer gloves suitable for about ninety minutes of use?. Haven't found info in glove discussions. Any Heating elements consume significant current so not sure of realistic options. thanks
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    Batteries - simple question

    Simple question: ... Much discussion about batteries and low temperature use and charging dangers, how do the many Hybrid and Electric cars manage ? have fun Castle Point, Minnewaska - Shawangunks' New Yawk
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    Brake Indicator?

    Any info or link appreciated : Is there a visual or audible brake pad wear indicator on the Como 3.0 series?. Our two Como's have @ 5K and 2 K miles respectively with no problems. thanks
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    Specialized - Spec'd Chain Lube?

    ... our pair of Como's are at @ 5K and 2K miles respectively. I used some clinging type spray lube which accumulated dirt, cleaned it off and back to WD' ... Yea, it's been discussed but can't find definitive answer on any 'specified' chain lube or chain maintenance schedule. thanks
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    Como - Crank arm retainer problem - please advise

    @ 5 Months old Como 3.0 from LBD: 'noticed on the Left crank arm (not chain side) , the outer retainer 'ring' was about to fall off after it screwed itself out from crank center. This is the Outer Ring Nut that screws Counterclockwise into center of arm over center shaft. ... not sure if it...
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    Specialized Como lighting question

    Our Como 3.0's have factory equipped lighting front and rear . Herrmans MR-4 6V Headlite and a Specialized LED tail under seat. Are there fuses somewhere for these lites?. Can the Specialized liting harness support other LED lites?. Rear lite isn't really visible with rack and fairly dim...
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    E Bike Liting Specs - Specialized ?

    Como 3.0 (?) has Head and Tail lites from factory but riding on busy connector roads to trails and backroads I'm more comfortable with additional/supplemental lighting. Looking for info on the Specialized LED lighting: > ? Voltage used: > ? Current capacity - Fused/Current limited? I'm only...
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    Rainstorm resilience?

    Here in NY's Hudson Valley , drenching thunderstorms on sunny days is not unexpected. Our pair of Specialized - Como 3.0 E's assist is well used on the mountainous Catskill foothills down to the Hudson River. ...i nterested in experiences with E-Bike especially Specialized - Como response to...