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  1. mbirds

    Cheap DIY Tail light that runs off the computer

    Hi everyone. Thought I'd share my wired-in Radmini tail light. Should also work with other bikes in the family. This one dawned on me as I surveyed the materials I had on hand, and cost me nothing, but from scratch could come in under 10 bucks. I have a roll of cheap 12v red led strip...
  2. mbirds

    Radmini with 11-28 freewheel

    Hi all, just wanted to give a quick report on the new freewheel on the Radmini. I went on a 13 mile ride, and for the first time was able to use pedal assist efficiently... could pedal and help at 20mph speeds quite well. On a bike trail with periodic slowdowns for crossing streets or...