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  1. Kevin Deane-Freeman

    Anyone tried to travel?

    The trouble seems to be that anything over 100Wh is considered class 9 dangerous good and cannot be shipped air if there are passengers on board. Air cargo is ok, but the packaging restrictions are coming up as very expensive. Shippers won't even deal with me directly unless I'm a qualified...
  2. Kevin Deane-Freeman

    Anyone tried to travel?

    So, just as I get a new XU700 I get put on an assignment for 6 months in Europe. Not a bad thing to be able to bike around The Netherlands for a summer...if I can get it there. Li-Ion batteries at this size are dangerous goods so while it's still cheaper than buying a battery over there...
  3. Kevin Deane-Freeman

    Where are the OHM Riders? Sound off!

    That's looking pretty clean, Daniel! I've only had my '16 XU700 since early November. The unfortunately dark and blurry pic was taken after an evening ride from Richmond, BC to Blaine, WA via Burns Bog, Watershed park and King George Highway. I managed 56k with one bar left on the battery (it...