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    Buying an E Bike : Riese & Muller Super Delite with Rohloff

    My bike is 1000wh 2020model , less than ideal but hopefully better soon ! Black sticky tape has been the order of the day. It is odd
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    Buying an E Bike : Riese & Muller Super Delite with Rohloff

    . Here are some photographs, one shows the charging port (socket) on the bike and another with the rubber flap, there is nothing to keep the rubber in place and aligning the plug and socket is awkward... another picture shows the plug and a further picture shows that the plug with a finger...
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    Buying an E Bike : Riese & Muller Super Delite with Rohloff

    Glad you found the review useful, a couple of points that have arisen, our very helpful bike dealer Edemo carried out a service and we discussed the charging port. It transpires that our difficulty is due to the external part of the socket being missing...hence the difficulty in aligning plug...
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    Superdelite modifications - a few ideas

    I am regularly charging my iPhone on a quad lock mount from the kiox, works great.
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    Riese & Müller : Reliability & Support

    The German posts were interesting, mentioning the possibility of a duff Bosch cable and connection problems with the control unit. Here in the U.K. the Bosch unit is probably the dominant e bike motor unit and there are numerous dealers, an informal chat with a local dealer rated them highly...
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    R&M Bosch Gen 4 Motors.

    Works just fine on our SuperDelite’s.
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    Retirement gift to self? Superdelite! Some questions…

    At a shade under 5’10” and 90kg with approx 31” inside leg, I find a small frame Super Delite GX with fox suspension just fine I understand the 2cm increase in height is from the GX option with IncreSed 140mm travel from 100mm travel. The Fox suspension in itself does not lift the bike...
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    Buying an E Bike : Riese & Muller Super Delite with Rohloff

    @Polivios Good choice, interesting the option for the 1125w. A few pictures of the phone setup etc, works great. The roll top paniers are good, very easy to fit and not a problem to take off and put back on at your destination. ( additional parts are supplied to fit smaller diameter paneer...
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    Buying an E Bike : Riese & Muller Super Delite with Rohloff

    Myself and my wife have recently purchased Riese & Muller Super Delite E Bike’s and we benefitted hugely in making the purchase decision on information from the internet, online reviews and forums, in particular help with direct questions from the more experienced riders on the Riese & Muller...
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    Delite Gen 4 Rohloff Speed vs Cadence

    Your power output of 600 to 800 watts for yourself seem very high , do you think these figures are correct.
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    Riese & Müller : Reliability & Support

    This video of the manufacture of a Rohloff may be of interest, Rohloff Manufacture 2009 it is in German ( which I don't speak !) but I found interesting.
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    Spare POWERTUBE for Delite 2020: switching that rubber cover?!!!

    I have mounted my iPhone on handlebar of my new SuperDelite , with a case from Apple that allows quick and easy removal , places it next to the Kiox for power and on the handlebar it’s easy to see, Quad lock case , Komoot links to your Kiox and provides maps of your rides with data for...
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    Riese & Müller : Reliability & Support

    The big question is how many bikes have failed ?
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    Riese & Müller : Reliability & Support

    Re the Rohloff failure video, I believe the guys thought that a burr has caused his problem is incorrect, looks more like a bearing/seal shield has had an 'event' .. it might have been on assembly as he speculates. Trouble with precision assembles they are not really suitable for disassembly on...
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    Suggestions for getting ready

    I’d just wait and ride the real bike, it’s a lot more fun and the flexibility of the assistance levels are such that by using a higher assistance rate to start with and over time your fitness will improve and you can lower the assist levels. Enjoy your new bike !
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    Latest News from Riese & Müller

    Having direct experience, steel welding can be very neat when untouched and aluminium just tends to be chunky and I’d personally go with the ‘raw’ industrial look. It’s possible to have a smooth aluminium wedding look, but the difficulty in practice is a minor dip can remove a lot of material...
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    Super Charger gx pannier rack paint problem

    From my industrial engineering perspective, we would send fabricated jobs out for powder coat painting and the resultant finish was very tough and hard wearing, chipped surfaces don’t peel. Conventional spray paint is never great in my experience for wear and tear. An option on a rack that has...
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    R&M SuperDelite vs Homage, Fox suspension upgrade ?

    For us I anticipate the GX option will be very useful, the increased travel and tyres for light off road use and trails, the benefit of bar ends and dropper post ( we are opting with the dealer for the regular Salle Royal saddle) Very much appreciate the experience of those posting on the...