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    Yamaha Drives Loud?

    Hi I have a Giant Explore E +3. I am surprised by how noisy the drive system is. It seems like it is less noticeable when you have shifted up to say 5th gear. It is very noticeable at lower gears. It has a sound similar to that of loud/aggressive tires. I have never noticed it in my wife's...
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    Trek Verve 3+ vs CO-OP Cycles CTY e2.2. Electric Bike

    Hi we got my wife a Verve 3+ and she absolutely loves it. We have been Trek owners for years. I road one in my size from the dealer as we were trying out hers. I really like it, but I is a tad pricy. I received an REI ad advertising Co-OP Cycles CTY e3.3 Electric Bike and thought it looked...
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    Taking Your eBike RVing

    Hi we recently got my wife a Trek Verve3+. She loves it. We're also thinking of getting an RV (maybe a Winnebago Micro Minnie). We obviously want to be able to take the bikes (mine a Trek MTB). She is concerned about two things: 1- the bike being in rain/snow, etc, and 2 - how to securely...