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    New Rize X Ordered My Experience

    I have exactly the same model and colour. Love it!
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    Rize 2020 leisure review

    I ordered my Rize X in March and it arrived at my doorstep on Vancouver Island in two days. It took me about two hours to put the bike together and for a guy who isn't too mechanically inclined I was able to get it all together without a major problem. I find that the handling and the speed of...
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    Brand new Rize X. Less than 100 KM's, and already having some problems. "Check engine" logo, no code, power shuts off.

    Are you riding up steep hills using the accelerator only and not peddling?
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    My review of the 2020 Rize X

    Sounds like you and your wife will have a great time with yout bikes. Keep us posted.
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    100km on my Rize X

    Reached my first 100km today on the Rize X. Bike has been working great and seems to handle the different trails that I have been tackling. No issues thus far. I spent a few minutes today with some allen wrenches tightening up the different components just to make sure everything is tight. I...
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    My review of the 2020 Rize X

    If I may add, I used most of my own tools when I assembled my Rize X. While the all in one tool is a nice idea, I found having using my own allen wrenches and metric wrenches made for faster assembly. I keep the all in one tool in my riding bag for use on the trail if I have to tighten up...
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    My review of the 2020 Rize X

    Thank you for the suggestion
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    My review of the 2020 Rize X

    Thanks for the update on your experience with the Rize X. I pulled the trigger a week ago today. Bike arrived in two days and I have been venturing out each day getting used to the controls, size and handling. So far my experience has been very positive. When I assembled the bike I pretty...
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    My review of the 2020 Rize X

    Just wondering how many watts the controller is for the Rize X?
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    My review of the 2020 Rize X

    I have looked at the Leisure, but it only comes with A 500watt motor. If it came with a 750watt motor like the US version I would go for it
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    My review of the 2020 Rize X

    Normally sales are not offered at this time of the year because it is approaching their peak season. However, with the economy going into the toilet right now one never knows how the ebike industry is going to be affected until it happens. At least that's my view
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    My review of the 2020 Rize X

    Thank you for your thorough review. I am just under 5'8" and was concerned re the size of the bike, but based on your comments on friends who also tried the bike it appears that it may not be too big for me. Just wondering if the headlamp is not too efficient, is it an easy job to change it...
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    Nice to see this forum up and running

    Glad to see the forum up on EBR. I'm looking forward to reviews on all of the Rize bikes especially the Rize X. Hope it won't be too long a wait.