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  1. wa5

    Airbag Jacket.

    aimed more toward motorcyclists, but probably a good idea if you do a lot of road miles
  2. wa5

    Aseako e bike mid drive.

    found this whilst searching ebay Australia.., seems to have a different style of mid drive IE not Bafang or Bosch.. anybody seen one of these before?
  3. wa5

    Makita E Bike

    From the maker of popular cordless power tools comes a "Cordless bike" ... yep that's how the shop describes it... really... I guess finding a battery to run it wouldn't be an issue... as they will swap out with your drill battery. pretty modest specs.... Note that this is an Australian...
  4. wa5

    Dillenger E Bikes

    (Link Removed - No Longer Exists) Does anybody have any experience with this brand? I think they are an Australian company, now expanding into the US and other markets, have a feeling most of their products are drop shipped straight from China, but they do have a warehouse in Queensland...
  5. wa5

    EFNEO three speed front hub. basically a self contained three speed front hub, to replace derailleur type front hubs... This is apparently another crowdfunding project.. This would really enhance a single speed bike like the Storm... seems like it would be a great upgrade to me... Pity the...
  6. wa5

    What rear hub to use with 8fun

    I am thinking of building a bike with a 250/ 350 watt Bafang mid drive. 250 watts is the legal limit in my area but I may gamble on upping the power a little.. I understand that 250 to 350 is all in the controller? can anybody point me to information about that?.. The other thing that concerns...
  7. wa5

    Mitigating Crash damage.

    Perhaps a silly question, But.. Bafang Hubdrive motors (as fitted to the Storm prototype) have the wiring coming in through the right side of the axle. It appears to be in a prone position in the event of a get off. Is it a problem, has it happened to anybody here? has anybody tried to make up...
  8. wa5


    This has probably been up before, but I couldn't find it.. (if it has, I'm sorry please delete).. but this looks interesting... some of the claims seem...... um...... ambitious .. Three wheeled enclosed recumbent hybrid with a claimed 100 miles per hour top speed, and can seat two...