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    Voilamart Rear Hub - It Runs! -Review

    I got a voilamart rear hub kit off ebay, $197 to my door (4 days, availa on amazon for 225 also). A unitpackpower 49v 20AH battery off amazon, $355 to my door (3 days) Put this on an early 90s Schwinn Moab mountain bike I bought new from a schwinn store. In addition to the kit I got a rear rack...
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    Real Range? What can you get from a charge?

    I've read a lot and got the parts coming for my bike - 1000w hub motor, pas and throttle, 20ah battery. From what I've read that should be 30mph/30 miles. What I've NOT read, seen in vidoes, or anyone talk about is REAL RANGE! When I road bike trails on leg power alone I might do 20 miles or...
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    Convert front MTB wheel to Disk Brake?

    How difficult is it to convert an early 90s v-brake MTB to a disk? From some googling it would appear I dont' have the tabs on the forks for an optional caliper, but there are some tabs/holes/mounts there for something. And how do you attach the disk to the wheel?
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    Change shifter or throttle on new conversion?

    I have an early 90s schwinn MTB with gripshift on it. I like it (might be in the minority on that). I orderd a rear hub motor kit, only option was twist throttle. Obviously can't do that. So my options are thumb throttle, and there are several types - what is comfy and what fits around the...
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    Newbie from Western PA

    I've loved riding bikes since I was a kid with a 'banana seat bike' in the 60s, and moved up to an 'english racer' as we called the bikes with gears. I commuted for 3 or 4 years in HS to work on an old sears 10 speed, and rode it a lot. Then I got a car...and then a motorcycle..and the bikes...