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    STEP-Thru batteries MARKED WRONG as to positive and negative contacts!

    See my post # 22 in the thread " How to determine battery % charge off-bike"
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    Stock XP/ST handlebar measurements?

    Can anyone please give the 3 standard handlebar measurements from the stock XP or ST bikes? Center diameter for stem clamp, ...end diameter for grips, ...outside to outside overall length(width) Thanks
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    Wider handlebars for XP and Step-Thru

    I've seen Jeremiah Mcintosh's YouTube about changing to wider bars, (Upanbike Ultra wide Dutch M) which he likes better, ...but the Amazon link says unavailable at this time. The bars are 600mm, which is somewhat wider than stock, but seem still a little short for additional accessories, bell...
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    Effects of winter cold temps/humidity on display/controller?

    We are storing our batteries inside at "house" temps, (+/- 10 deg. per the manual). We take this to be 70 +/- 10 degrees f. Thus 60-80 deg. But with winter temps dropping below freezing frequently, i.e. teens to twenties, we are concerned about other electrical components ( display, controller...
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    Tire specs changed on Step-Thrus?

    Recently received 2 black step thrus (9/9/20). Tires, as expected, were CST BFT 20x4, 30 PSI. Friend more recently received one white Step-Thru ( of 2 ordered). Tires are Chad Yang 20x4, 20 PSI. Maybe change means something, ...maybe not. Yangs more/less puncture resistant?, cheaper for...
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    Twitchy with no-hands?

    I saw a post saying that the short handlebars on the XP and Step-Thru make no-hands riding problematic. Comments?
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    Step-Thru, Brooks Saddle, Thudbuster, panniers, ht.

    Here are 2 Brooks Saddles (wife’s lighter, mine darker) mounted on Thudbuster (older - long throw) 27.2mm posts, which will fit 31.8 Step-Thru seat tubes when fitted with Cane Creek 27.2 / 31.8 shims, which we have ordered.(Seats/Thudbusters previously used on our Bike Friday Pocket Llamas...
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    Seat tube 31.8mm dia. vs 31.6mm post dia.

    I asked Suntour whether their 31.6mm post would work in the StepThru 31.8 tube. Their reply - "You will most likely need a shim to make the 31.6 seat post work on that bicycle." A shim would have to be .01mm thick, to fill the .2mm gap(both sides) . I can find no source for a shim which is...
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    How to determine battery % charge off-bike

    The Step-Thru owner's manual (pg. 14) suggests keeping/charging the battery in a "room temp (+/- 10 degrees)" dry environment, at about 75% charge, if not riding for some days. Then charge to 100% when preparing to ride. The manual (same page) suggests charging the battery "inside", in the...
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    Step-Thru seat/steering tube dimensions

    The Step Thru seat tube is marked J31.8 *400. ( Presumably the 31.8 is the diameter in mm. The 400 indicates mm, it rounds to 15.75 inches. minimum insertion mark is approx. 3.75 inches.) The Step Thru steering tube is marked 28.6 MM. (minimum insertion mark at approx 3.5 inches, ...not marked...
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    Step-Thrus delivered (Black) w/images & timeline

    Arrived via FedEx @ 2:30 today, 9/9/20 Original order #16550 for 2 black Step-Thrus confirmed on June 17. Order changed to Step-Thrus June 24 (The day of Step-Thru announcement). Step-Thrus delivered September 9. I have not seen any black step-thrus so far, so I am including some photos. Wife...
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    2 black Step Thrus "on the way!"

    ...per Lectric e-mail, 2pm today. Order # 16550
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    Step Thrus Shipping!

    As several have just posted, Lectric has sent notices that the step-thrus are shipping. Lectric requests that those awaiting delivery let Lectric know when they will be available to accept delivery.
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    Step Thru's delayed

    Received the following from Lectric: Our Lectric team has recently been made aware that these Step Thru bikes will be delayed approximately two (2) weeks. In spite of our best efforts to begin delivery of these amazing bikes to you in August, it's become evident that shipping will not begin...
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    Outside (Hitch Rack) vs. Inside (Tote) Transport

    Comparing 2 bikes in two totes with 2 bikes on a 2 bike hitch mounted rack As you might guess, I am impressed with the "Tote" option, but I have tried to be objective while compiling this comparison. I'm sure I may have failed to think of some things, so your input is welcome.
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    Work Stand for the STEP-THRU

    The several good ideas in the XP workstand thread will not work for the Step-Thru. They utilize a pole inserted into the bottom of the seat tube. This tube is open at the bottom on the XP, ...BUT NOT ON THE STEP-THRU! Step-Thru delivery is scheduled to begin in August. When we have them to...
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    Display tire-size options (manual p.25, setting P06)

    Will someone please list the tire-size options available on the display to choose from when adjusting sizes to change speedo/odo readout? We don't have our bikes yet, but would like to do some calculations. ( The options are not listed in the manual.)
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    Tire air pressure vs. speedo-odo readout

    Just a reminder that the actual rolling radius/circumference of a tire changes with increased or decreased inflation. An odo or speedo programmed to reflect distance traveled per revolution will be accurate ONLY at the actual rolling radius for which it is programmed. This can be shown by...
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    Locked/Unlocked Meanings

    Newbie here :-), Reading to get some basics in preparation for receiving our new Step-Thrus. Many posts in this blog reference "Locked" vs "Unlocked " bikes/computers/controllers. Can someone who fully understands the meaning of these terms please explain, for those of us who don't? Also...