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  1. Gbarb18


    I am super interested in checking out the Rad City when they announce more details on the 25th. This could be a very inexpensive option for people who want something to ride around town. I hope Court gets a chance to review this one soon.
  2. Gbarb18

    Aftermarket battery

    I am interested in learning how to install an aftermarket battery as well. bump. :)
  3. Gbarb18

    IZIP E3 Peak Video review

    I thought only the dash was a speed pedelec and the peak was not. Did I miss something?
  4. Gbarb18

    IZIP E3 ProTour

    I'm not sure this bike justifies the price over the i3 dash... They are essentially the same bike except the protour has a more discreet battery...
  5. Gbarb18

    IZIP E3 Sumo

    The 2015 sumo was a speed pedelec, it's a bummer that they changed it for this years model. It was one of the only fat tire speed pedelecs you could get....
  6. Gbarb18

    Commuter Bikes

    I would need to add a rack, fenders and lights to catch up to the dash. And even then it wouldn't be able to hit 28mph like the dash. Plus you can add a boost button (throttle type add-on) for $50.
  7. Gbarb18

    Commuter Bikes

    I am really considering a similar bike. My choice is narrowed down to the 2016 izip e3 dash and the haibike sduro hard seven. I know they are slightly different bikes, but my main use would be around town. The izip has everything stock that I would need to add the the sduro.