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    What Do You Bring Along On Rides?

    I’m a woman in her early 60’s who does a lot of recreational (10-20 miles) riding by herself, mostly bike trails. I have a trunk bag on my bike rack. Here are some of the things I bring. I wanted to see what other brought, and if other people had suggestions: Cell phone with credit card and...
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    Woohoo My E Bike Is (Hopefully) Being Delivered Tomorrow

    It’s a Raleigh Lore, and I already have a name picked out (I name all my bicycles). He will be called The Iron Horse. I’ll post pictures when he gets here. Here he is. He looks a little different because I had the stem and handlebars switched out to be more compatible with my back. He rides like...
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    Anyone own or had experience with the Blix Prima mid drive bike?

    It’s been on sale for $2000.00 for a while now. It seems like a very good deal for the money. For that you get mid drive, disc brakes, decent shimano components, and Shimano Steps battery/motor, plus a rack and fenders. I know people like the Aveny a lot, but it’s hard to find any information on...