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    First Impressions, BMW Cruise ebike 2014 (compiled April 2015)

    First impressions after 60 kms. BMW I am disappointed. Everything works as stated, the build is very high quality and although feeling like a drugged-up Lance Armstrong when on the bike, I am quickly reminded that I am not quite there yet when I turn the power assistance off. And thanks for...
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    JIVR Chainless Bike, superb pricing for San Fran and London

    (Link Removed - No Longer Exists) Looks exciting!
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    Open Letter to Sondors/Indiegogo - awaiting response.

    As a "contributor" I have now learnt of a gmail email address which is apparently active - This was sent at 0800 GMT on 24/02/15. Good Morning Firstly my congratulations on being a "Campaign Owner” and the resounding response that you have had to your recent “Campaign."...
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    Has anyone noticed this shift in reported claims?

    In fact, it's made of more traditional steel, though unlike many boutique bike vendors out there, Sondor is making all the components himself. That, he explained to me, was the key to the sub-$500 price: by producing everything, rather than piecing together off-the-shelf parts, he can keep the...