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  1. Dewey

    Fall hazards

    I broke my leg 3 years ago this month slipping on a wooden bridge surface covered in wet leaves, rain, and a biofilm of algae slime from being located just a few feet above the Potomac River. NPS is working on a new bridge surface and am enormously grateful to the Friends of the Mt Vernon Trail...
  2. Dewey

    Choosing an E-Bike Class 1 versus Class 3?

    If you're concerned about the liability of riding a Class 3 where not permitted, but you like the Trek Allant +7S, you're right to look at the Class 1 Trek Allant +7 model, the Bosch CX motor is well regarded for trail use due to its power (85nm) and quick response to pedal input. Posting on the...
  3. Dewey

    House Representatives Panetta & Blumenauer introduce "e-bike Act" federal tax credit

    The proposed tax incentive does not cover ebike kits which are less expensive and a low stakes entry to ebikes for people on low income, I wonder if they were worried it would be used to subsidize people buying high power kits and controller mods? The wording includes language that seems close...
  4. Dewey

    Adapter to use Yuba Monkey Bars on Radwagon 4

    Sorry I don't know but the bolt spacing for the SuperKnuckle appears to be specific to the RadWagon 4 which has a different design rack than previous RadWagon's
  5. Dewey

    House Representatives Panetta & Blumenauer introduce "e-bike Act" federal tax credit

    BRAIN report on the outcome of the Markup process in the House Ways and Means Committee. Among the changes from the wording of the E-Bike Act is a reduction of the value of the individual tax credit to 15% up to a max of $750 per ebike (up to 2 ebikes and $1,500 for couples who Joint file...
  6. Dewey

    EMTB Class 3

    Bulls Iconic Evo TR 1 Speed or Moustache Friday 27 FS Speed, they're both optimized for street riding with fenders and street-tires
  7. Dewey

    Priority Current arrived yesterday, First ride

    What IGH did you go with, the Enviolo or the Nexus Inter-5 ? How did it perform on today's commute?
  8. Dewey

    A review of the Priority Current with Enviolo after a month of daily use

    How are you enjoying the Wuxi Truckrun M01 motor? Does it winch you up your steepest hills without overheating? Does the torque pedal assist sensor react quickly when you start pedalling? Enviolo CVT is the way to go, nice equipment on an ebike at this price point.
  9. Dewey

    Cyklær ebike

    But don't they think gravel bike owners ride in the dark? Also isn't there some StVZO regulation that requires lighting on pedelecs for use on roads in Germany? I'm thinking of this one
  10. Dewey

    Cyklær ebike German brand Cyklær is a partnership of Storck Bicycle, Porsche Digital, Fazua & Greyp. Two models initially, a gravel ebike and a city bike, costing around $8,500, 4 carbon frame sizes, drop or flat bar options, uses the Fazua Evation Ride 50 hub motor (55nm, 250w) and...
  11. Dewey

    Electra townie 8i balloon with roller brakes conversion

    The seller jag35 aka Jehu Garcia links to this extension cable on the website, I think this is what the motor male 9-pin plugs into, it seems a good deal for a Bafang geared hub motor laced into a 26” rim with a Tektro brake disk
  12. Dewey

    Electra townie 8i balloon with roller brakes conversion

    Nice bike, the issue with a front hub motor wheel is your front roller brake. If you converted the fork to one with mounts for a disk brake there are options, an inexpensive geared hub motor might be one of the Bafang front hub motors with 9-pin connector that was pulled off the Jump ebikes Uber...
  13. Dewey

    BMW 37mph high-speed pedelec

    The geofencing would need to be very precise, can't imagine any locality agreeing to permit 37mph electric motorcycles on multi-use paths
  14. Dewey

    Buying first electric bike

    You are the one that keeps bringing up your personal favorite jeremiad about mid-drives repeatedly as in this thread, please stop derailing these threads. Apologies to the OP.
  15. Dewey

    Buying first electric bike

    Yes that looks good, same Bosch Active motor as the Raleigh Motus, choice of 300/400/500wh batteries, the size simply determines how far you can travel. Real world you should be able to get 20-25 miles out of a 300wh battery with the Bosch Active line which offers relatively mild assist (40nm...
  16. Dewey

    Buying first electric bike

    For the price of the Orbea Optima E50 you might also look at the Raleigh Motus or Gazelle Citygo C7 HMS, both have batteries you can remove, brand name mid-drive motors (Bosch Active & Shimano E5000, respectively), and low-step frame variants. I'd go with the Gazelle over the Raleigh because it...
  17. Dewey

    House Representatives Panetta & Blumenauer introduce "e-bike Act" federal tax credit

    The issue as you point out would be with the implementation, for example DC has a law requiring employers to offer some kind of bicycle commuting benefit and many like my University have chosen subsidized Bikeshare membership. On the one hand it would be nice to receive money towards tune ups...
  18. Dewey

    House Representatives Panetta & Blumenauer introduce "e-bike Act" federal tax credit

    I seem to recall @Ravi Kempaiah posting on another thread a list of reasons why large scale domestic US ebike manufacturing is not going to happen anytime soon, but if our Congress could collectively work to invest in domestic manufacturing of batteries, circuit boards, cleaner energy production...
  19. Dewey

    House Representatives Panetta & Blumenauer introduce "e-bike Act" federal tax credit

    If it works as intended hopefully the average age of ebike owners will fall as more people consider getting one instead of or to complement buying a car. It’s difficult given the global supply chain of bicycle parts how a universal tax credit would work that excluded parts from China, and given...
  20. Dewey

    House Representatives Panetta & Blumenauer introduce "e-bike Act" federal tax credit

    They’re going to need to up the maximum price though, above $8,000 msrp and the credit ends, a RadBurro with a cargo box is $7,000. The cap doesn’t leave much room for higher priced commercial cargo ebikes Like an Urban Arrow Tender with a cargo box that have been trialed here but cost around...