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  1. John49

    Tektro Brake Handle

    I have 3,800 miles on my 2017 Radwagon but took my first spill the other day and bent the right side Tektro brake lever. Can anyone tell me a good part number to purchase a replacement? Looking on Amazon I find many many options but not sure which would fit. Thanks.
  2. John49

    Radwagon Tire Replacement

    Its about time for new tires on the Radwagon and wondered if the Kenda K-Rad tire sold by Rad will work with Mr Tuffy liners since the tire already has a liner built in. Are there any other tire brands to consider on the Radwagon? My riding is on hard pack trails and city streets. The...
  3. John49

    Radwagon - Any recommendations for a quality spoke wrench?

    I believe that after 500 miles it time to tighten the spokes on the Radwagon. Can anyone recommend a quality tool to tighten the spokes? I purchased an all-in-one tool that will not fit the spokes at all. I think the front wheel has some loose spokes from the odd sounds I am hearing.
  4. John49

    Latest folding bike concept

    A bit expensive but a nice concept that integrates with an I Phone.
  5. John49

    That pesky battery rubber charge port cover.

    I tried to trim the rubber flap that keeps popping open on the battery charge port multiple times and once in awhile I could get it to stay plugged in but not always. I finally just cut it off and looked for other solutions such as a screw cap cover but could not find any glue strong enough to...